New Mixer App Is Now Available

Jerome Holman, Senior Program Manager on Mixer Mobile Apps, discusses the new Mixer App, available today.

Just months ago, we announced we were rebuilding the Mixer app for Android and iOS. Since then and with the help of our community, we’ve built the best version of the app to-date, and are excited to announce it’s available for download today on Android and in the coming days on iOS.

Complete with a new code base to enable faster updates than ever before, we’ve redesigned the new app pixel-by-pixel to offer a more consistent Mixer experience across devices. From beta through to launch, we’ve focused on improved discoverability, new personalization options, and Mixer interactivity. You’ll notice this new functionality, designed to immerse you in your streamers’ experiences, wherever you are!

We’ve also added several new features: push notifications, tap-and-hold video previews, and an introductory first-run video to help you get acquainted with what’s new. With a Mixer experience optimized for mobile, stay connected with the streams you love.

Download the current version of iOS and the receive the new update soon!

Push Notifications: New notifications mean you’re always in the loop and connected at all times — especially when you’re on the go. Get notified when your favorite streamers go live. Follow your favorite streams directly from your phone or tablet.

Easier Navigation: Whether you’re looking for something new or something you’ve been watching for a while, new “Trending,” “Following,” and “Profile” tabs get you there quicker. Tap-and-hold on the home page to see a quick video preview. You’ll notice improved discoverability thanks to an enhanced search algorithm. The “Trending” tab now shows the top streams based on viewer count.

Enhanced Stream Page & Player settings: Tailor your viewing experience to fit your needs. Within the app, select your stream video quality, toggle through chat and audio, and easily share the stream you’re watching with friends.

In addition to the new features above, below is a refresher of all the great functionality we’ve improved upon during the beta period:

  • Featured streams at the top with auto previews
  • Trending Games spotlighted on your home page
  • Search history added below the search bar
  • A new Following tab, with LIVE and recommended streams
  • New indicators to help you easily find streams using Interactive, Co-streaming, and FTL
  • An improved Profile page with links to your channel, your level, and your sparks
  • Improved filtering for Trending broadcasts
  • Improved Chat complete with Viewer list, whispers, and basic mod featuresIn the new Mixer mobile app, you’ll sign-in with your Microsoft account. Learn how to create a Microsoft account here. Also to note, Apple has updated the app rating to 17+, which may impact iOS users.With thorough testing and tons of positive fan feedback, we’ve tweaked and tailored the Mixer mobile app just as you’ve requested. Here’s to the Mixer community for sharing thoughts on what a mobile streaming app means to you! Keep the feedback coming!

Welcome to Mixer. Streaming is better this way.