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Life is Strange Before the Storm Season Finale Available Now

The season finale of Before the Storm is out now on Xbox One! In this third episode, the proverbial ravens come home to roost as the consequences of all your choices so far begin to come to a head. Chloe continues to struggle to deal with the difficult changes in her own life, while still needing to support her friend as Rachel’s world continues to be rocked and shaken. It is during this time that Chloe will need to find the strength to make some of the toughest decisions of her life so far…

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Working in such a beloved universe has been difficult but incredibly rewarding for us on a personal level. We needed to approach this story with the utmost care and respect, both to the established narrative of Life is Strange as well as the topics we deal with. That being said, the fan support we received over the past few months has been amazing. We have striven ever harder to deliver an impactful story that even the most hardcore fan wouldn’t be able to anticipate while also setting events and characters onto paths that will lead them to where they start the first season. We hope that you’ll agree that we’ve added a little something to the universe of Arcadia Bay and its inhabitants while still leaving you enough space to imagine what could happen in the years between the games.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Screenshot

You’ll also be happy to hear that the entire season has also been Xbox One X Enhanced! If you’re on Xbox One X, Before the Storm supports native 4k at 30fps or you can enjoy the game at 60fps if you’re playing at 1080p.

This third episode marks the end of Chloe and Rachel’s tale as far as we’ve told it in Before the Storm and we hope you’ll enjoy playing the story as much as we did crafting it! See you next year when we release our bonus episode Farewell!