Known Issues panel

Xbox Insider Answers: “What’s the Best Way to Report Known Issues?”

Hey there, Xbox Insiders!  As valuable members of the Xbox Insider Community, we get a lot of feedback from you while you’re helping us preview games, apps and upcoming system updates, but did you know there are some issues we’re already aware of during the preview window? We imagine you already knew this, but in the event that you didn’t (or else need a quick refresher), we’ve got you covered. We’ve already written about the value of using the “Report a problem” tool to report unexpected behavior, but you can also add feedback for a known issue without completing a brand new feedback form.

To do this, simply open the “Report a problem” tool, where you’ll see any known issues listed on the first screen. All you need to do to let us know you’ve encountered one of the known issues listed is select it and then choose the “+1 option.” It’s that easy!

Before selecting “+1,” we’d ask that you make sure the behavior you’re seeing is the same as what’s described in the title and description of the known issue. While some things might seem similar, it’s important that we’re getting as much feedback as possible from users experiencing the behavior as described. If your issue is different, please make sure to select the “Add new problem” option instead and fill out the form normally.

So get out there and file feedback; we look forward to all your input!