The Insatiable Deviljho Arrives in Monster Hunter: World

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Watch out, hunters! The relentless and insatiable Deviljho has been sighted in the New World, disrupting the local ecosystem, taking over the top spot in the food chain, and introducing a lot of unexpected trouble to your ordinary hunts. But hey, you’re professional monster hunters, right? You can deal with this.

Monster Hunter: World Deviljho Screenshot

Just look at this beast. Massive, heavy-hitting tail, muscular hind legs, a powerful jaw overflowing with razor-sharp teeth… wait, you’re not second-guessing yourself now, are you? Well, maybe this will help motivate you:

Monster Hunter: World Deviljho Screenshot

Taking down this fearsome Brute Wyvern will net you valuable materials, which you can then use to craft two new armor sets and one of each of the 14 weapon types; some of the strongest Dragon-element weapons come from hard-to-find Deviljho parts. And let’s not forget you can also give your trusty Palico cat companions a fierce, new look!

Monster Hunter: World Deviljho Screenshot

Alright, are you ready for this challenge now? Good. Then keep your eyes peeled when you head out on High Rank expeditions and quests ranked 6 and 7 stars; Deviljho can invade those at any moment! Once you fully track him down, a new Special Assignment called “The Food Chain Dominator” will be made available to you. Good luck!

Monster Hunter: World Deviljho Screenshot

This latest update also includes some game system and a number of weapon balance adjustments to help you out on your hunts. You can read the full list on the Monster Hunter: World official website. And be sure to follow the Monster Hunter official channels on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest special challenges.

Happy hunting!