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Dive into an Epic New World of Tanks: War Stories Trilogy

Like the wings of a butterfly conjuring a devastating hurricane, what if a single moment in time could change the course of history forever? World of Tanks: War Stories is back, and history has been rewritten again in the epic Spoils of War trilogy. Delve into these brand-new adventures, and join a daring trio of German, American, and Soviet heroes as they fight for survival in an alternate timeline.

Previous War Stories were set against the “what if?” backdrops of a deadly twist to the Cuban Missile Crisis, a desperate espionage operation by the French Resistance amidst the golden sands of Egypt, and a Nazi invasion of London. This time, the year is 1948, and the world is trapped in an endless war. Delve into World of Tanks’ story mode on your own, or team up with up a friend to battle through a version of history where World War II never ended…

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Save a doomed town in Sieben Ritter

As Germany prepares to make its final stand in Berlin, an incoming Soviet assault threatens to extinguish any hope a small town on the Germany-Poland border had of surrendering to the Allies. Faced with overwhelming odds and stuck in the crossfire, can Captain Karl Staupe and his ‘Sieben Ritter’ (Seven Knights) face down certain destruction long enough to save the town? This storyline was inspired by “Seven Samurai,” a Japanese film released in 1954 which saw a band of rōnin, masterless samurai, defending a small farming town from bandits.

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Liberate priceless artifacts in The Connoisseur

World War II is finally beginning to wind down, but a renegade group of German soldiers has seized advantage of the uncertain times to steal priceless treasures from a war-torn Europe. Sergeant Frank Martinez is tasked with fighting off the thieves and recovering some of the world’s greatest works of art before they’re lost to the pages of history. Kunstschutz was the German practice of preserving art during times of conflict and was a major point of contention during the war. The Allies saw this as looting, and like the fabled Nazi gold, much of the art plundered by German agents remains missing to this day.

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Rebel against Soviet high command in Potemkin

A Soviet artillery commander has been selling black market goods to a town on the German frontlines to save them from starvation. However, the illegal dealings have been discovered by Soviet high command, and they’ve scrambled an armored NKVD unit to restore order. Risking punishment for defying his orders, Captain Anatoly Petrov decides to fight back against destiny and rain hell on the incoming unit. The thrilling third and final chapter of the Spoils of War trilogy takes its name from the 1925 silent film “Battleship Potemkin,” which tells the story of the rebellious crew of a Russian battleship.

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All eight War Stories, including the three new Spoils of War chapters Sieben Ritter, The Connoisseur, and Potemkin are available to play for free now in World of Tanks on Xbox One.