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Xbox Ambassador Spotlight: Albert X and WhiteyBlack2

There is no doubt that residents of Puerto Rico are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, but two of our Xbox Ambassadors fought through the constraints and strived to continue to help Xbox gamers in any way they could. Learn about Albert X and WhiteyBlack2 as they share how their passion for helping our community continued even through adversity.

Our Ambassadors are Xbox’s biggest fans, and two Ambassadors who have proved that passion and drive are some of the strongest forces on this earth are our very own Albert X and WhiteyBlack2. These two Ambassadors continued to help Xbox gamers through one of the most life-altering events in their lives. Learn more about your fellow Ambassadors through this fantastic Q&A.

Tell us a little about yourself: were you born and raised in Puerto Rico, what’re your favorite hobbies, what’s your favorite video game, etc.? 

Albert X: I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I was born and raised here, but have lived in Florida, Guatemala, and New York City. My favorite hobby is Xbox. I have been on and playing Xbox since the original console. My favorite games are Skyrim, GTA, and Red Dead Redemption.

WhiteyBlack2: I born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in Toa Baja. My hobbies include playing video games, even though I don’t have much time for it, reading and writing, spending time with my family, seeing a ton of movies or TV series, and enjoying tasty food.

How long have you been an Xbox Ambassador and what’s your favorite part about being an Ambassador?

Albert X: I have been an Ambassador since November 2012. I love my Xbox community, so I love to give back in any way that I can. Besides that, the program offers great rewards and incentives. I have achieved Legendary status in eight consecutive seasons. I love the way the program has grown and continues to evolve for the better.

WhiteyBlack2: I have been an Ambassador since Season Seven. I decided to enter the program when Albert X referred me. I’ve been a gamer my entire life, and it’s amazing being able to help the community.

Tell us about the constraints you’re currently facing in Puerto Rico that impact the basic needs of being an Ambassador? 

Albert X: In September, my island was hit by category 5 Hurricane Maria. We spent more than five months without power and, to this day, I still don’t have internet. Despite the lack of basic services, my fellow Ambassador WhiteyBack2 and myself were able to achieve legendary and master tier status in the program while mostly using only our mobile devices.

WhiteyBlack2: We’re facing a difficult situation in Puerto Rico, we went from having all commodities to nothing, and it was chaotic. However, like any Ambassador and Puerto Rican, we stand up every day and, of course, some days are harder than others. I’ve lost material things, but I’m alive, working, and my family is okay.

How has your commitment to the Xbox Ambassador Program and our community helped you overcome those constraints? 

Albert X: The program helped me get through tough times because it provided motivation and a sense of usefulness in dire times for my country. I believe my performance during Season Eight proves that my commitment to my community is unwavering even during the toughest of circumstances.

WhiteyBlack2: Being an Ambassador helps me escape, and I’m able to remove myself from my daily challenges and relax. I enjoy helping other gamers in our Xbox community. This is my escape and a place where I enjoy talking with others and it’s great when I make friends in the Ambassador community. I’m still growing as an Ambassador and love the program.

How do you keep a positive attitude in the face of adversity?

Albert X: The only way to maintain a positive attitude during this natural disaster was patience and face it one day at a time. There was nothing else we could do. To this day, many parts of Puerto Rico remain in darkness. The Xbox Ambassador Program helped me continue to be motivated and goal orientated. I was not going to let Hurricane Maria destroy my Ambassador legacy or legendary season streak. There are too many gamers to help, and when there’s a will, there’s a way.

WhiteyBlack2: Keeping a positive attitude is hard sometimes, and I’m not always in a good mood, but I find strength. Plus, I have a wonderful wife and a son that push me to be the best I can be. My family is my strength, and they keep me floating.

What advice would you give to other Ambassadors and our community when it comes to facing hardship and being a supportive and effective Ambassador? 

Albert X: My advice is that if you’re someone who is thinking about joining the program, this program requires passion and commitment to help fellow Xbox gamers. The rewards are secondary to helping our community grow and flourish.

WhiteyBlack2: It’s easy to be an Ambassador if you have the passion. I love the gaming community and I love giving back. Sometimes you can only dedicate so much time, like an hour or two one day and only a few minutes another day. Even with Hurricane Maria, I was able always able to give some time because this is my passion. So, if you’re willing to dedicate any amount of time to help the Xbox community, then you can be a great Ambassador. It’s an awesome feeling.

Is there anything else you’d like the Xbox Ambassador Program team to know? 

Albert X: I would like to thank Mr. Greenberg and Mrs. Loftis for supporting my endeavors through the most trying of times. I am eternally grateful and proud to have received an Xbox One X from them and the Xbox family. All this kindness and caring from Xbox makes me want to be an even better Ambassador, and one day I hope to become an Alpha Ambassador. So, don’t ever let adversity get in the way of your dreams—just keep moving forward and making those dreams come true.

WhiteyBlack2: Before Hurricane Maria, I had won an Xbox One S, but I was notified few days before the hurricane hit. When Mr. Sconnie from the Xbox Ambassador Program found out I was from Puerto Rico and was impacted by the hurricane, he allowed me extra time to respond to the prize notification. Winning the Xbox One S reawakened my spirits, and I cannot be more thankful to Mr. Sconnie and the Xbox Ambassador Team for that little moment of joy for me and my family. Plus, a huge thanks to my wife who supports my gaming habits and my son who now has the Xbox One S.

A special thanks to Albert X and WhityBlack2—and all Ambassadors—for their amazing dedication to our Xbox community. It’s not every day you encounter a community that would go to those lengths to ensure that other community members are supported. Keep your passions lit, keep helping one another, and keep making Xbox the best place to game.

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