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Strange Brigade Coming to Xbox One August 28

We were last here with Strange Brigade in the Summer of 2017. We’d just released Sniper Elite 4 which we know lots of you loved on Xbox One, so it was exciting and daunting to show off something a little different. Namely, the reveal trailer for Strange Brigade – our brand-new co-op adventure, full of mythical monsters, perilous traps, and barrel-loads of derring-do!

Like a well-preserved mummy we’ve kept things a little under wraps since then, but today it’s finally time to lift the lid off the tomb and show you a bit more of Strange Brigade. For starters, we’ve got a new trailer featuring some of the backstory behind the game (you can see that above).

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Strange Brigade is set in 1930s Egypt, where the Witch Queen Seteki has risen from the dead. When she was alive nearly 4,000 years ago, she was so wicked a ruler that her dominion was wiped from the history books. Now she commands a huge army of mummified monstrosities hell-bent on terror, and the whole world is in mortal danger. So, the world must turn to an elite, international band of British adventurers, the only ones capable of defeating the Witch Queen and her evil scourge – the Strange Brigade!

As the trailer teases, Strange Brigade promises a campaign full of thrills and perils, and plenty of vile, ancient enemies to send back to their tombs. There’ll be terrifying traps to not only avoid but use to your advantage, tricky puzzles to test your wits against, and hordes of fiendish foes to blast through.

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We know that many of you enjoyed our campaigns in Sniper Elite 4 and Zombie Army Trilogy offered co-op the whole way through. The Strange Brigade campaign will also offer co-op for up to four players from beginning to end, so you and your friends can form your very own Strange Brigade!

Oh, that just leaves one more announcement: Strange Brigade will launch August 28 on Xbox One! Pre-orders are available now so be sure to book your place as part of the Strange Brigade.

Strange Brigade Screenshot

We’ve got plenty more to show you in the much less distant future, including some of the gameplay teased in today’s trailer… but for now, stay tuned until the next thrilling episode of Strange Brigade!