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All-New Pets Available Now in Gems of War on Xbox One

You are in critical danger…of cuteness overload! Gems of War, the addictive Match-3 Puzzle RPG, is incredibly excited to announce its brand-new 3.4 Pets Update! And to celebrate starting on May 8, we’re offering Xbox One players valuable exclusive discounts on select bundles! Download here to get your own adorable companion and check out all the new features!

New Event: The Pet Rescue

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Pets have been imprisoned throughout the lands of Krystara, and it’s up to you to rescue them! Complete Pet Rescue events to unlock new Pets, level them up, and use their bonuses in battles across the land!

Doomskulls Join the Board

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For the first time ever, Gems of War introduces almighty Doomskulls! Watch out for these flaming harbingers of destruction — they explode and provide +5 extra damage to attacks, whether it’s against your opponent… or you!

This is one of our favorite updates of the year, and there’s no better time to jump into battle! Take advantage of the exclusive Xbox One sales starting May 8 and collect as many pets as possible.

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