Rocket Wars Is Now Available For Xbox One

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Rocket Wars

Rooftop Panda

Rocket Wars is a fast-paced local multiplayer game for up to 4 players! The game features crazy weapons, lots of powerups and several game modes. Rocket Wars is the go-to party game when you have people over and are looking for fast and furious pvp battles! In Rocket Wars you take control of a spaceship with different strengths and weaknesses and proceed to do all in your power to kill your enemies. The game also features AI opponents to fill the lasts slots if you are less than 4 people playing. Rocket Wars is designed to be a party game you can play with any of your friends when you hang out and need to determine who is superior!

Product Info:
Developer: Archon Interactive
Publisher: Rooftop Panda
Website: Rocket Wars
Twitter: @RooftopPanda / @arcinteractive