Descenders Xbox Game Preview Small Image

Descenders Races to Xbox Game Preview on May 15

Hey all! I have some rather exciting news to share today. You might remember that we announced downhill biking game Descenders for Xbox One right here on Xbox Wire earlier this year. I’m happy to announce today that the game is launching next week on May 15 via Xbox Game Preview!

Descenders is an extreme downhill mountain biking game from Dutch developer RageSquid, and it’s heavily focused on going very fast, and pulling off sick stunts. Every world you ride through has been procedurally generated before you play it, so you never play the same level twice, and it’s always a new experience.

RageSquid has been working hard to pump Descenders full of content for the Xbox One launch, and there’s plenty of special stuff crammed in there for our Xbox fans, including exclusive gear for your rider. A whole host of new and exciting roguelike elements are also being introduced with the Xbox launch to Xbox Game Preview, including randomized world maps to explore, Crew Members to unlock, and secret environments to uncover.

Descenders Xbox Game Preview Hero Image

And in case that wasn’t enough, there will also be special Mixer features ready for you lot to try out, including interactive streaming features that will allow your viewers to help boost your score in-game (or make the game harder for you, depending on how nice or evil they’re feeling). Everyone who streams the game on Mixer will receive a special Mixer kit in-game.

We’re launching Descenders as part of the Game Preview program on Xbox One to signify that we plan to keep adding more and more content to the game throughout the year, at no extra cost to you. Oh, and do you happen to own an Xbox One X? You’ll be happy to hear that Descenders is enhanced for Xbox One X, meaning even more gorgeous, crisp visuals.

Descenders is launching next week as part of the ID@Xbox Game Fest, and we’re extremely excited to be part of such a lovely event. To celebrate, the game will come with a 10% discount during launch week, off the full price of $24.99.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the game on May 15 — see you all next week for some extreme descending!