Robocraft Infinity Big Boom Update Hero Image

Robocraft Infinity Big Boom Content Update Launching Soon on Xbox One

Hello, Xbox fans! Over 200,000 of you have played Robocraft Infinity since launch and our robot building and battling game will receive its biggest content update to date in the coming weeks.

The Big Boom update is the culmination of all the feedback the lovely Xbox community has given us since launch and includes optimizations to make load times faster, improved network connectivity, and we’ve squashed lots of annoying bugs which should mean that the whole experience feels much more polished overall.

Robocraft Infinity Big Boom Update Screenshot

Fans have also told us that they want more options when it comes to capturing screenshots and videos of their robots in battle. With the launch of this update, players will be able to instantly toggle the HUD on and off in battle by pressing up on the d-pad at the same time they hit both left and right bumpers and triggers. Not too shabby, right?

That leaves the question, why exactly are we calling this update The Big Boom? Let me introduce you to this no-so-little guy:

Robocraft Infinity Big Boom Update Screenshot

The Gyro Mortar is a medium-range, high impact weapon which fires off explosive projectiles on a 5-degree to 80-degree arc trajectory. This weapon allows sneaky players to still attack players while in the safety of cover. We can’t wait to see how this new weapon varies up the combat meta, especially for our capture point game mode, Battle Arena.

In response to player feedback, we’re also removing the microtransaction-based Cosmetic Crates from the game, replacing them with Cosmetic Credits which you can use to purchase exactly the cosmetic you want from your inventory screen, rather than hoping the RNG gods are with you. We’re currently working on removing all crate-based loot from Robocraft Infinity, including Level-Up Crates, and this is the first step.

Robocraft Infinity is included in your Xbox Game Pass subscription and is available for purchase for $19.99 from the Microsoft Store. We have many more updates planned and if you’d like to be part of the game’s development journey, be sure to follow us on Twitter and keep a keen eye on

See you on the battlefield!