Path of Exile Incursion Small Image

Path of Exile Invites You on an Incursion

We are ecstatic to invite you to our latest expansion for Path of Exile. In Incursion, a new character, Alva Valai, presents you with a lucrative opportunity: to help her find the lost treasure-temple Atzoatl. There’s just one catch: the only way she can find it is to send you back in time, to the Temple of Atzoatl’s construction, and she can only do so briefly.

These “Incursions” into the temple’s past are fast-paced combat-fueled fun, with diabolically quick decisions to make. Each Incursion presents you with the opportunity to shape the Temple of Atzoatl’s eventual layout in the present day, by allowing you to slay (or spare) its architects and open passages between the temple’s many rooms. But you only have a few seconds to decide who lives and dies, and which doors you should open.

After 11 Incursions, Alva will have finally located the temple, and you can reap the rewards of your careful blood-fuelled handiwork by entering the present-day temple and looting each of the chambers you’ve allowed the architects to build. This present-day temple is filled to the brim with monsters and loot and is by far the largest area in Path of Exile to date.

Path of Exile Incursion Screenshot

But the fun’s not over after Atzoatl’s been emptied. Alva can send you back to the start of this time loop and allow you to redesign your temple all over again through another series of incursions — and you can do this as many times as you want.

With Incursion, we hoped to capture the excitement and fast-paced gameplay of our previous leagues Breach and Abyss, but add a layer of depth and long-term, repeatable goals. We also wanted virtually all elements of Incursion to be available from the get-go, rather than tucking some of the coolest stuff away at super high player levels.

Feedback internally and from some lucky playtesters say this is our best challenge league mechanic to date. And like all of Path of Exile‘s content, it’s available for free. Playing Incursion will also give you the opportunity to win some cool cosmetic effects for your character that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

Incursion is launching alongside our enormous (seriously, check the patch notes) skill overhaul, dozens of new unique items, new skills and a whole bunch of other neat stuff.

We hope you join us by making a new character in the Incursion challenge league. It’s gonna be a blast.