Battlefield V E3 Briefing Small Image

E3 2018: Battlefield V War Stories: Experience the Untold Accounts of World War II

Hello Battlefield fans,

Many of you took a shine to the War Stories in Battlefield 1 and we at DICE are glad to bring this single-player anthology format back to Battlefield V. In these stories of human drama set against global combat, you’ll witness World War II through the eyes of the men and women who were entangled in a conflict that would change the world forever.

Just like in multiplayer, you will get to visit many unexpected fronts in War Stories. Prepare to fight in the scorching North African desert, the sublime but hostile Norwegian mountains, and several other locations we’ll reveal as we move closer to the launch of Battlefield V in October.

At this year’s Xbox E3 Briefing, we showed quick glimpse of a War Story in Battlefield V, titled Nordlys.

Nordlys takes place in 1943 during the occupation of Norway. It features a young resistance fighter who carries a weight greater than her weapons and ammo. Her story is about not only the fight for her country’s liberation from occupying forces, but her family’s survival. There are multiple scenarios and situations in Nordlys – which means many gameplay opportunities for you as a player. Infiltrate enemy installations using stealth, take down unsuspecting enemy guards, and utilize evasion to help even the overwhelming odds. If your cover is blown, prepare to face even tougher fights as the enemy will call in reinforcements. To move between objectives you’ll ski the frozen Scandinavian landscapes. Because this is Battlefield, all-out war is never far away.

War Stories is a way for us to put WWII into perspective through on-the-ground accounts of people wrapped in the broader conflict, told the Battlefield way. In Nordlys, as well as our other War Stories, you won’t come across any superheroes performing crazy stunts and saving the world all by themselves. Instead, you’ll step into the all-too-human shoes of people who, in their own way, played a part in shaping the modern world.

Join the fight on Xbox One. Starting on October 11 for the EA Access Play First Trial, October 16 for Battlefield V Deluxe Edition early enlister access, and October 19 for the Battlefield V Standard Edition.