Xbox One Update Preview

“Alpha – Skip Ahead” Ring Now Open to Alpha Xbox Insiders

Last week, we announced our intentions to split the existing Alpha ring to give our community access to RS4 and RS5 builds simultaneously, and this week we’re putting that plan in motion. As of today, the “Alpha – Skip Ahead” ring is open for enrollment to current Alpha members in the Xbox Insider Hub.

We don’t yet have an RS5 build available, so anyone who chooses to enroll in “Alpha – Skip Ahead” at this time will remain in sync with the current Alpha builds. However, enrolling early will ensure you access to a brand-new build and features as soon as possible.

Not currently a member of the Alpha ring? No need to feel left out! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be extending invitations to the “Alpha – Skip Ahead” ring to Xbox Insiders in other rings (Beta, Delta and Omega) who have a track record of providing quality feedback.

We’ll follow up with more information about RS5 builds and plans to further grow the “Alpha – Skip Ahead” ring soon, so be sure to keep an eye on our various news sources. As always, you can find us posting official news on the Xbox Insider Blog and chiming in on r/xboxinsiders, and if you prefer consuming your news on Twitter – we’re there, too!

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