Sable Small Image

E3 2018: Announcing the Adventure Game Sable on Xbox One

Hi, we’re Shedworks, a two-man (and one dog) team working in a shed on the upcoming adventure game Sable, coming in 2019 to the Xbox One family of devices. We’re extremely excited to be able to share what we’ve been working on, and we hope you’ll be as excited to play it as we are to be building it!

First, a little background on us. We are Gregorios Kythreotis and Daniel Fineberg, based in London. We’ve known each other from a young age and decided after we graduated to try making games together. After working on a few different projects, we came up with the idea for Sable about two years ago, but it was just a prototype until we started development full time in August 2017.

Sable is an exploration adventure game that takes place on a far-away desert planet. You play as Sable, an inquisitive nomad who leaves her family settlement and sets out across the desert alone, a rite of passage that all young people experience when they come of age.

Crossing the desert by hoverbike, she explores ancient ruins, monuments, and fallen space ships, meeting various characters and learning their stories. What comes of this is a deeply personal journey that will teach her many important lessons of life, family, and one’s place in the world.

In building the game, we’ve taken a lot of inspiration from a variety of other titles: Shadow of the Colossus, Breath of the Wild, 80 Days, Final Fantasy XV, Fez, Journey, and many more. The art style is inspired by European comics of the 80’s and the work of Studio Ghibli. Gregorios’ training in Architecture heavily informs the world-building we are doing, it is important to us to create believable and compelling spaces with a captivating sense of scale that rewards players who take the time to explore all there is to see.

While it’s too soon to share all that people will experience in the game, in the end we hope they will have experienced a sense of wonder from what they’ve learnt, but with the feeling that there’s still more to discover.

Thank you so much for allowing us to share Sable with you, and we very much look forward to sharing more in the coming months!