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10 Tips for NieR:Automata Become as Gods Edition, Available Now on Xbox One

It’s time to bring glory to mankind as NieR:Automata Become as Gods Edition is out now exclusively on Microsoft Store! In the world of NieR:Automata, thousands of years have passed since humans were driven to the moon. Now with your help, we can break the deadlock in this war with the machines and reclaim Earth for humanity.

When the game begins, it will be your first mission on the Earth’s surface. To aid in your quest, we have prepared 10 tips to get you started in NieR:Automata. We hope these prove useful in you war efforts!

Save your game
does not feature an auto-save function (which you’ll understand why as you play through the game), so remember to find access points and save your progress regularly.

Side quests will be waiting for you
Don’t worry about cramming in all the side quests as soon as you find them. Some of these are time sensitive but don’t worry if you miss them. You will have the chance to go back and complete them later in the game. You will also unlock the ability to fast travel later in the game and unlock a chapter select to mop up any side quests you may have missed.

Find Pods and upgrade them
Pods are support units that are extremely useful in combat. You start the game with one, but you can find two more throughout the world so be sure to seek them out. One is in the Flooded City and the other is in the Desert Zone.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Pods at the resistance camp too, although you’ll need rare materials to do so. Oh, and shower your Pod with affection by pressing down on your controller’s Right Thumbstick while moving your Left Thumbstick. They will appreciate it.

Customize plug-in chips
You can equip many plug-in chips to give you an assortment of buffs and abilities. Remember to install new chips to match your playstyle and equipped weapons.

Some handy chips to equip when starting out are:

  • EXP Gain Up (boosts the amount of experience gained, making leveling up easier)
  • Auto-Use (automatically use healing items when health drops below 30%)
  • Auto-Heal (restores health after 4-6 seconds of not taking damage)
  • Item Drop Rate Up (increases the number of items dropped by enemies)
  • Auto-Collect Item (items are automatically pulled towards you and collected)

You can also fuse the same chips together to boost their effectiveness.

Prioritize upgrading storage from the maintenance shop
This costs quite a lot at the beginning of the game, but it allows you to install more chips. Which in turn makes you more powerful. So, it’s worth saving up to increase your chip storage capacity to the maximum amount as quickly as you can.

Don’t be afraid to drop the difficulty
NieR:Automata features a number of difficulty settings so don’t be afraid to change it to suit your playstyle. At lower difficulties, you can also install special auto chips, which will make the game easier by automatically performing certain actions for you like evade and attack.

Mix and match weapons
Weapons have different attacks and combos depending on if you equip them to the heavy or light attack buttons. Mix and match weapons and configurations to fit your playstyle. Even swapping the same weapons between light and heavy attacks can drastically change how you use each one so be sure to experiment.

Charging attacks
Press and hold the Light Attack button for a heavier attack and hold down the Pod program button to charge up your Pod attacks. Charging your Pod attacks can produce devastating attacks if you have more than one.

Sell fish and valuables for cash
All fish and anything with “Can be exchanged for money” written in its description can be sold without worry. You won’t need these items for any side quests or upgrading your weapons or Pods. The only exception is the mackerel, which I hear is delicious and you should try it if you get the chance.

Keep playing after ending [A]
NieR:Automata features 26 different endings, one for each letter of the alphabet and you’ll want to definitely see at least endings [A] through [E]. Remember that the end of the first (or even second) playthrough isn’t really the end of the game.

Bonus tip
Remove the OS chip (trust us).

Now you’re ready to face the machine lifeform menace as a member of YoRHa! You can get NieR:Automata Become as Gods Edition today exclusively from Microsoft Store. This version of the game comes with the full game NieR:Automata, the 3C3C1D119440927 expansion DLC, various Pod skins, and the Machine Lifeform Mask Accessory.

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Glory to mankind!