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Next Up Hero Available Now on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass

Hello, heroes! Our new game Next Up Hero launches today on Xbox One and Game Pass, and for those of you jumping in for the first time, we have words of wisdom to guide you on your journey.

First thing’s first. You’re going to die. A lot. This game is meant to be hard, like old-school quarter-muncher hard. That’s because every time you die, you leave behind an Echo. These Echoes are like AI followers who can be raised again by other players, and they will help take out enemies for you. Combinations of Echoes can also be used to summon the Ancients, massive attack and defense buffs that can be the difference when you’re on your last sliver of life.

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There are 11 heroes (with more in development), and here’s how we to like to use them.

Paladrin – The legendary knight of the Spiral Shards. Use his shield to pick off enemies at range, then finish them off with the blade.

Vale – A cunning assassin. Go invisible, get in behind, backstab, get out. Use her teleport backstab to finish off enemies.

Morta – A frontline soldier, Morta makes it rain… mortars mostly. When engaging enemy squads, always lead with a mortar. Then finish them off with her adorable rocket launcher.

Widget – A mild-mannered engineer. Of destruction! Before you release a fully-charged bombling, drop a decoy to throw your enemies off the scent.

Rook – Sworn defender of the Shards and boomerang enthusiast. For double damage, lead your enemies to “the sweet spot,” that special place where your boomerangs meet. To escape danger, magically transform into a boomerang and fly away.

MixTape – Dominant mood is “trigger-happy.” Shoot, then weave backward. Save your Special for tough enemies. Mixtape’s heat-seeking rockets are one of the strongest special attacks in the game.

Double Down – A brute street fighter and the fastest fists in the Shards. Enrage, engage, then flee. Use his stun attack to incapacitate entire squads.

Jett – A born speedfreak. Time your attacks to cut through enemy projectiles. Try using his Ice special to slow packs of enemies.

Kung Li – A spirit walker on the path of destiny. Don’t be afraid to spam his special attack, even without building up his combo meter. Circle your enemies and strike.

Symposer – Host of a killer drum circle. Her Secondary Attack is especially devastating, but only works against small and medium enemies.

Bloke –  Your best defense is a good offense, especially when you use your shield as a cannon.

Once you’ve found a favorite, spend your gold on the Prestige version of your hero. This gives you a new skin and, most importantly, a special third ability on the left stick. These special abilities include some of the best attacks in the game, like’s Vale’s Teleport Backstab.

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You can also steal and equip the abilities of enemies you’ve defeated. For ranged heroes, we recommend Advanced Spread Projectile paired with Triple Shot. With this combo, there is a chance you’ll unleash six projectiles instead of one. That’s a lot of projectiles.

For the best loot, you’ll want to jump into Player-Created Dungeons, or create your own on the Dungeon Maker shard! The tougher the dungeon, the better the prize. If someone in the community defeats your dungeon, they take the prize. If no one defeats the dungeon in three days, the treasure is yours. Think of it as a friendly wager between heroes.

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Invite your friends to play alongside you via the browser and Mixer Interactive. We love this new way for spectators to not only view but to actively participate in our game, helping or hurting the streamer at the best/worst possible times.

Some final tips? Lead your targets. Use the corners. Set traps. Don’t aggro the map. Raise all the echoes. Don’t be shy with Ancients. This game is meant to be hard. For even more tips on playing Next Up Hero, check out our Official Guide here on our site.

Have fun and thanks for playing!