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Town Building Game Castaway Paradise Now Available on Xbox One

It’s no secret that we’re inspired by Animal Crossing while making our town building game, Castaway Paradise. Now we’re happy to be providing a way to get your Animal Crossing fix without leaving the comfort of your Xbox One!

Everyone is welcome in the friendly, cheerful world of Castaway Paradise – our game is for all ages. Kids will love the cartoony art and relaxed gameplay, while adults will enjoy the sheer range of things to do and ways to decorate the island and yourself! As time passes you’ll experience the different seasons and special celebrations like Easter and Christmas. Wrap up warm for winter and pick out a nice bathing suit for the summer sun!

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We wanted players to be able to really go to town on creating their own perfect island paradise. For your house there are tons of options for furniture pieces, wallpapers, and floors. There is clothing for every occasion, from carnival costumes and fancy dress to classy boutique items and comfy outdoor gear. Mix and match hats, shoes, tops and hairstyles to get the perfect look! Express your love of soccer with a football hat, or create your own pitch with goals, flags and benches. Set the stage for a Chinese tea ceremony, or prepare your house for a spooktacular Halloween partyQ.

The island inhabitants are an interesting bunch. Some are happy, some are grumpy, some are down to earth and others are eccentric. The villagers of the island would love it if you could help them rebuild the island after the great storm, but… it’s up to you! You could also grow your own plants, get a net to try to catch bugs, or just cast your cares away and go fishing. Take long walks along the beaches, maybe collecting some washed up items to sell later. Start a garden outside your house. Try to figure out why the Scottish Baboon carpenter Angus is so grumpy all the time.

Castaway Paradise Screenshot

If being castaway sounds pretty good to you right now, you can pick up Castaway Paradise 15% off! Your very own holiday resort is waiting for you to come and make it your own.