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Darwin Project is Free to Play on Xbox One Starting July 4

Hey, Xbox players! Scavengers Studio here to tell you about some big news. Starting tomorrow, anyone can play Darwin Project, our highly interactive and survival-injected battle royale, for free! No time limit or excluded modes. Just hit the download button and you’re all set to explore everything that Darwin Project has to offer — which, we like to add, will only keep getting better and better.

If you’ve already purchased Darwin Project, don’t worry. Check your in-game inventory and you’ll see a lovely Founder’s Pack chock-full of cosmetic items: two legendary sets each containing shirt, pants, armor, helmet, and boots, three legendary axes, three legendary bows, a full jumpsuit collection, and 10 fan gifts to further stock up your dressing room with a variety of styles for your clothes and weapons.

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Can’t get enough of Darwin Project fashion? You can earn more fan gifts by leveling up! And for a limited time, you can collect soccer-themed sportswear by opening fan gifts or purchasing these new styles with ramen (our in-game currency) in the item shop. Show your support for your favorite team or mix and match the new items with your go-to pieces for fresh, workout-ready styles. The items will only be available until July 12. Learn more about the customization system in Darwin Project here.

With our switch to free-to-play, we want to take care to specify that cosmetics in the item shop grant no competitive advantage, and Darwin Project will never become pay-to-win. These items are for looking good; only skill helps you win!

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Dropping the price tag is a big change, but we remain committed to the same vision that has guided the development for over three years, and that means providing the best experience we can for all Darwin Project inmates. We hope that by switching to a free-to-play model, both early adopters and newcomers will be able to get the most out of Darwin Project.

If you played Darwin Project at the Xbox Game Preview launch but haven’t stepped into the arena recently, there’s lots you might have missed. We’ve added Duo mode (as well as the invite friend option), private matches, the Glider tool, skill-based matchmaking, five new Show Director powers, and more! You can now also play Darwin Project in eight new languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Japanese, and Korean with three additional languages Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, and Turkish coming soon (note that this localization is a work-in-progress).

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