The Culling 2 Hero Image

Battle Royale Sequel The Culling 2 is Now Available on Xbox One

Greetings, contestants!

The next level of battle royale is here and The Culling 2 is poised to kick the world’s hottest genre up two notches on Xbox One.

When The Culling originally introduced Xbox One players to battle royale, it pitted 16 contestants against each other on a remote jungle island in fierce hand-to-machete combat. Now, the sequel is bringing the murderous game show out of the jungle and into the suburbs.

The team here at Xaviant learned a lot from our first outing with The Culling and this new game has been built from the ground up with Xbox One in mind. That means smoother performance, carefully-tuned controls, and a bevy of new features.

Fans of the original will feel right at home in The Culling 2. Strategic melee combat returns, only this time it’s far more lethal. Select a loadout of perks in the main menu that deliver powerful boosts to how you play, allowing you to define your playstyle and make each round your own as you drop in solo, with your best buddy, or with a squad of up to four friends.

If getting blood under your fingernails in melee combat isn’t your cup of tea, The Culling 2 happily obliges with a wide range of ballistically-accurate firearms. From pistols to sniper rifles, a massive new arsenal allows you bridge the gap and deliver destruction from up close and afar. Don’t get cocky though, contestant, because a properly perked melee player gets an automatic damage boost and once they get a hold of something sharp they can, and will, catch you by surprise and put you down like an old dog in a sad movie.

You’re going to need all that new firepower because instead of 16 players in a match, The Culling 2 rocks 50. The player count isn’t the only thing that’s grown, the map now sprawls over 20 square kilometers to explore and hose down with fully-automatic weapons while shouting “Get some!” at the top of your lungs.

The Culling 2 brings a lot to the table. The formula has been refined. The match pacing is fast. The combat is precise and intense. Our team has spent the last three years building, studying, and tweaking the formula, and now we’re ready to unleash our creation on the world.

The Culling 2 is made for players like you, but do you have what it takes?