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The Bullet Ballet Begins: Mothergunship is Available Now on Xbox One

Today I’m very happy to announce that Mothergunship is now available digitally on Xbox One! As the spiritual successor to Tower of Guns, Mothergunship blends bullet hell intensity with the FPS genre and promises one of the most unique gun crafting systems ever seen in a video game. In Mothergunship you play as a member of the last bastion of survivors after Earth has been conquered by a robotic alien race. Your mission is clear: destroy the Mothergunship and take back Earth!

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In order to achieve that, you must equip yourself with an over-the-top arsenal and fight your way through the alien fleet of randomly generated ships. Mothergunship features one of the most modular gun crafting systems that provides almost unlimited options to the players who can build the guns of their dreams. Since late May when we released the Gun Crafting Range demo, we’ve been blown away with the creativity of our community. There’s literally no limit as to what can inspire their gun creations! We’ve seen Thor’s hammer, teddy bear shaped guns, a selfie stick gun, weapons with like…10 chain-gun barrels and five flamethrowers on it, heart shooting barrels for spreading the love to your enemies, or a weapon that uses only jet engines so you can fly around the room!

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We really can’t wait to see the community build on this further as free updates will be released post-launch bringing more gun parts, further features, new rooms, and extra foes to face. The first free update is planned to come in late August and will include additional gun parts to expand your crafting options, as well as the online co-op mode. Initially, we wanted to include the co-op on launch but we decided to deliver it a few weeks later since we wanted to refine it a bit more and make sure that you get the best online experience possible.

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Apart from the free DLC that will be released in August, we will also be releasing in partnership with Sold Out, the boxed version of Mothergunship that you can get from some of your favorite retailers. The physical version will include an extra campaign and four additional gun parts.

Thank you for reading and see you in the game!