GTA After Hours Small Image

The Underground Dance Club Scene in Los Santos Gets a Major Upgrade with Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours

Jump into Grand Theft Auto Online to partner up with legendary club king Tony Prince to open your very own Nightclub. Own and operate the club from setup, design, staffing, and promotion. Book real-world superstar DJ’s to start the party and pull a crowd. The more popular the club, the faster your secure wall safe will fill up with cold hard cash.

Nightclubs include an underground Warehouse, a new epicenter for your network of seedier ventures. Assign technicians to accrue supplies for your existing Biker, Special Cargo, Smugglers and Gunrunning businesses and sell the goods for criminal profits.

Today’s update also includes seven all-new vehicles such as the Ocelot Swinger sports car, the Dinka Jester Classic and highly customizable, powerful delivery vehicles for your new Warehouse supplies.

The party starts now. Play Grand Theft Auto Online today on Xbox One to experience After Hours.