Video For Realm Royale is Coming Soon to Xbox One, Register for Closed Beta Today

Realm Royale is Coming Soon to Xbox One, Register for Closed Beta Today

It’s my pleasure to announce that Realm Royale is coming to Xbox One, and closed beta testing starts next week! Click here to sign up for the closed beta test on Xbox One, and we’ll send you a free key when the servers open.

The Xbox One community has been posting, emailing, and messaging us asking for Realm Royale on their favorite console. But if you’ve never heard of Realm Royale before, it takes the familiar last-man-standing gameplay of battle royales to the next level. By incorporating fantasy tropes, unique playstyles, and gameplay mechanics that reward players for fighting.

Realm Royale Screenshot

Realm Royale is a class-based, ability-driven battle royale. You’ll start each match by picking from one of five fantasy classes to define your playstyle. Be a mage and soar through the sky, chucking fireballs at your enemies. Play as an assassin and blink to a rooftop to get the perfect angle for your sniper shot. Build turrets and shields as an engineer. Grab your trusty bow as a hunter. Or leap into battle with a massive axe as a warrior.

You’ll ride on horseback — no boring walking — through a massive fantasy world. Explore the crystalline desert of Goblin Gulch, the ice-covered peaks of Everfrost, and the iridescent, psychedelic landscape of the Fungal Forest. Each area of the Realm feels totally unique, like a living, breathing fantasy world.

Realm Royale Screenshot

And if you love weapons, you’ll love the Forge. You’ll find Forges scattered across the Realm, where you can craft legendary weapons and armor. But be careful: these Forges become hotspots for combat, as everyone around can see when you’ve started crafting and will come to fight for your loot.

Oh, and did we mention you turn into a chicken when you die? Survive for 30 seconds as a chicken and you’ll come back to life — meaning you won’t die to random sniper shots unless your opponent closes the distance to finish you off.

Realm Royale Screenshot

Can’t wait to play? Then don’t forget to sign up for beta, and we’ll see you in the Realm for closed beta testing next week!