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Armored Warfare is Coming Soon to Xbox One

Ever since the launch of this free-to-play modern day tank shooter, wanted to bring the experience to the Xbox One players – and it finally succeeded!

In Armored Warfare, you become a tank commander of the future – a grizzled veteran in a broken world with allegiance belonging only to the highest bidder. The Armored Warfare world is dominated by powerful corporations that hire mercenaries like you to perform all kinds of tasks. From train heists to corporate espionage in locations all around the globe, you choose which missions you embark upon.

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There are a great many activities to choose from. You can go up against fellow players in the Armored Warfare signature PvE/PvP hybrid mode – Global Operations, featuring control point captures, calling in stationary and mobile NPC support, and blowing up endless waves of modern vehicles. Alternatively, if you’re in a more cooperative mood, you can team up with up to four other players to beat challenging AI opponents in a broad selection of PvE operations. The game’s most recent highlight is a growing chain of specially crafted storyline missions unveiling deep Armored Warfare lore.

We tweaked and optimized the game especially for Xbox One. We also added a whole range of unique content from playable tanks to maps. There are several hundred vehicles in the game, dozens of maps and missions and all kinds of customization options, allowing you to make any tool of destruction you acquire feel truly yours. All the game modes, maps, and the vast majority of vehicles and customization options are available for free!

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In, we strongly believe in the free-to-play model, providing it’s fair. We developed the game making sure that nobody can buy any in-battle advantage for real money. The principle of being able to play through the entirety of the game and prove your superiority just by your skill is a key element of the modern battlefield the way we see it.

Armored Warfare on Xbox One will be launching with the Caribbean Crisis update and story arc, introducing the deep and rich lore of the game. We hope that you’ll enjoy it and will have as much fun with it as we had making it.

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!