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How to Build Your World of Chel Character in the NHL 19 Beta

Hey, Xbox gamers, the NHL 19 beta is live from July 26 to August 2! It features the World of Chel, where you’ll start by creating your own character to use across multiple game modes. The World of Chel introduces player classes, traits, and specialties that boost your character’s ratings, as well as over 900 new pieces of gear you can show-off as you carve up the ponds. To help you get started in the NHL 19 beta, learn how to build your personalized World of Chel character.

Pick Your Perfect Strategy

There are 12 skater and three goalie classes to choose from when you create a character in the NHL 19 beta, and each category comes with its own set of ratings that you should consider as you try different strategies. Playmakers tend to have great puck skills and can help players around them put up more points, but don’t have the best shot. Power Forwards can score from just about anywhere on the ice as they out-work the competition with physicality, however they pay for the size advantage with their lack of speed. The best part is you can save loadouts of various characters with different classes, so you’ll be ready for every mode, in any situation.

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Additionally, you’ll fine tune your character loadouts with traits and specialties that can come with pros and cons of their own. Traits like the Booming Slapper give your character a stronger shot, but at the same time, you’ll notice decreased accuracy as you try to fill the back of the net. Specialties are situational boosts that only work in specific moments, like a stamina boost for you and your teammates after a goal is scored. The size of your player should also factor in to your strategy, as height and weight affect skating speed, skating style, balance, hitting, and other attributes.

Start on the Pond

Part of the World of Chel experience is stepping onto frozen outdoor ponds and competing in new game modes surrounded by spectacular backdrops. Modes like NHL Ones and Threes Drop-In can be played outside on these incredible ponds during the beta, wich are the perfect environments to hone your skills before you join a team in EA Sports Hockey League. In NHL Ones, competing 1v1v1 is fun and competitive as you look to score more goals than your opponents in any way possible. Dance around the competition with a dangler or push right through them with an enforcer defenseman.

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Threes Drop-In is another new mode that takes your character outdoors in games that helps you shape your strategy. This mode offers an over-the-top, arcade-inspired, 3v3 hockey experience, where you can match up with other Threes players and take on opposing squads online. You’ll want to find your own style before you join an EA Sports Hockey League Club.

We can’t wait to see the characters you create as you rip up the ice in the NHL 19 open beta. Share your best moments from the Beta on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #NHL19BETA.

Be first in line to compete from the pond to the pros, unlocking the full game three days early on September 11, 2018 when you pre-order the NHL 19 Legends Edition or the NHL 19 Ultimate Edition.