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How to Survive in Vigor, Now Available via Xbox Game Preview

Vigor is a brand-new title from us at Bohemia Interactive exclusively on Xbox One. We’re excited that we were able to bring this title to the platform. You can now play the game in Xbox Game Preview, and to make things easier for you, here are some tips on how to survive in Norway 1991.

So why do we call the players Outlanders? Because after the nuclear strike in Central Europe people started to migrate and most of the population from Norway is now gone. People coming from Europe to Norway are the players and this isn’t their home. That’s why we call them Outlanders.

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We picked Norway because it’s a beautiful country that allows us to build levels with natural borders and gives us the right set of features we wanted to build interesting levels to play in. Norway has everything – rolling hills, nice views, high mountains, unforgiving snow, and lots of water that will surprise you.

Be prepared

Prepare for every encounter by crafting the proper weapons that suit your playstyle. If you believe in long shots, try the rifle. If you’re more into a surprise attack from up close, try to use the silver pigeon. Don’t forget to take the map you’re on into account. Foggy weather at Draug Fort can surprise many. Craft your guns sooner than later otherwise you may end up unarmed in your shelter before going into an encounter.

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Don’t forget to take some consumables as well. It might help you in a tough situation when you’re trying to run away from your enemies. There are four types. Bandages and Disinfection give you instant healing for minor injuries. Painkillers and antibiotics heal you over time. It’s important to learn how fast the consumables are as well, because trying to apply bandages in a fight is not a good idea.

Watch the radiation

The radiation cloud is fast and deadly. If you stay in it for too long it’s going to lower your health until you die. There’s no point trying to over-heal with consumables because it kills fast. Don’t forget to check the map before going deep into looting in the encounter. There’s a small arrow on the edge of the map that will indicate the radiation cloud direction.

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Move slow

When running and sprinting it’s much easier to be spotted from distance. It’s always better to try to slow down and look around. Due to the uncertainty in the game you never know what will happen and who might jump you. Stay low, try crouching first and if you tend to use guns too much and then can’t protect yourself – better to leave your guns at home. You can play without weapons easily and learn to stay hidden and patient.

Pick your fights

If you decide to bring a gun into a fight, try to strategize as much as possible. It’s important especially at shorter distance. If your enemy has a shotgun it’s probably wise to hide first, let him waste ammo, and then shoot him when he’s reloading. You should be smart about fights because if you die in the encounter you’re going to lose everything you have on you.

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Loot before shoot

It’s not important to fight all the time. Your main goal should be your shelter because that will make your life in Vigor easier. If you manage to get into an encounter, try to look for as much loot as possible. Loot is distributed logically so if you’re in need of wire try to look in garages and cars. And don’t feel upset if you don’t find the right loot. You can always deconstruct resources (nails, fertilizer, gas, etc.) into materials which are also very valuable for crafting. And crafting brings you guns to feel safer.

Vigor Founders Pack

Vigor is unforgiving in its nature but if you choose wisely and find your own playstyle you can escape even the most thrilling situations. Just watch out for the big jumps; they might lead to a leap of fail.