1979 Revolution: Black Friday Is Now Available For Xbox One

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1979 Revolution: Black Friday


Based on true stories and historical events, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an interactive drama about choice and consequence, chaos and order. The year is 1978, the place is Tehran, Iran. You play a photojournalist who returns home to find his people protesting the ruling King, the Shah. Armed with your camera, you're soon pulled into a dangerous world of revolution and civil unrest. • Choices: The choices you make shape your experience in the revolution • Cinematic: A striking visual style, with motion-captured animation and voice over performances • Exploration: Discover a collapsing city under martial law: covert headquarters, rioting protests, bustling streets and more • Photography: Take photos of the in-game world and compare them to archival images by real photojournalists • Collectables: Unlock 80+ unique stories that enhance your experience of the Iranian Revolution Based on True Events: First-hand testimonies of freedom fighters, witnesses and casualties of the revolution

Product Info:
Developer: iNK Stories / Stage Clear Studios
Publisher: Digerati
Website: 1979 Revolution: Black Friday
Twitter: @iNKStories / @DigeratiDM