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Watch an Exclusive Clip from The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Episode 1 Available Now on Xbox One

It’s a bittersweet day here at Telltale. The final chapter in Clementine’s journey has officially begun. Episode One of The Walking Dead: The Final Season is now available on Xbox One which means we’re one step closer to bringing a beloved character’s six-year arc to a close. But before we go, we get to see an empowered, adult Clem building a life on her own terms for the very first time.

In The Final Season, Clementine and AJ find themselves in a secluded school that could become a permanent home, something they desperately need after spending years on the road. The scene you can watch above comes early in the episode, shortly after Clem and AJ arrive at Ericson’s Boarding School for Troubled Youth, but before they’ve had a chance to meet all the other young survivors. Here Clem is introduced to Violet, with a little help from Louis and Marlon.

The Walking Dead - The Final Season Screenshot

All three characters will ultimately play important roles in Clem’s time at Ericson’s, but it all starts here. How will Clementine react in the face of a less than friendly introduction? And how will her choice impact AJ as he adjusts to life after spending his childhood battling the undead at Clementine’s side? The clip shows you one path…but it’s not the only way to handle that situation.

In true Telltale fashion, The Walking Dead: The Final Season is built on gut-wrenching, choice-driven storytelling full of decisions that can branch the narrative. But we’ve also worked hard to deliver more engaging gameplay as well, adding sequences of unscripted combat, an over-the-shoulder orbital camera, and more. The clip doesn’t capture any of these new elements, but you can always check out our trailers or even play the free demo right now on your Xbox One.

And remember: this is only the beginning of the end. We still have three more episodes to go before the season (and Clem’s story) concludes. We’ll be announcing those release dates soon, so be sure to follow Telltale on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or visit for more info.

We hope you’ll join us as we say goodbye…