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Tips and Tricks for Wailing Heights, Available Now on Xbox One

Wailing Heights, a body-hopping adventure game that lets you sing your soul into hand-drawn hipster vampires, vegan werewolves and soul-singing zombies is now available on Xbox One.

The puzzles are inspired by classic adventure games such as Monkey Island, Broken Sword and the more recent Thimbleweed Park, and we would like to share a few Tips & Tricks so you are not left scratching your head for long.

Lyrical Puzzles

You play as Francis Finkelstein, a washed-up singer-songwriter whose only claim-to-fame was managing the biggest rock band of the 60’s; The Deadbeats. Francis hasn’t had a gig in 40 years, so when the last of the Deadbeats passes away, he’s excited to be invited to perform at a town he’s never heard of… Wailing Heights.

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Unfortunately for Francis, the town is populated by the undead, and a booking mix up means he must spend 80 years in a holding cell for the crime of Not Being Dead Yet.

Fortunately, another escaping prisoner teaches Francis how to body-hop — discover an item someone loves, an item they hate, and combine it with their name into a chorus of lyrics to sing your soul into their body.

Tip: Like the great classic pop songs, most of the lyrics are written in rhyming couplets. If you’re unsure which lyrics to add to your song, say it out loud to see if it rhymes.

Supernatural Powers

You will first escape the cell by possessing your ghost lawyer, Soul Ghoulman, and find yourself exploring Wailing Heights. Along your adventure you might need to find a few items that require more than human skills.

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Trying to track down a garlic-smelling coat? Or enter a window that’s out of reach? Each type of creature has their own unique supernatural power that can help you free your lifeless body from prison.

Hint: Werewolves have a keen sense of smell, there seems to be few bats in town, you’ll rarely see a ghost, and zombies… well, you can discover that yourself.

Fearsome Factions

While Wailing Heights may be a peaceful, blood-curdling village blessed with gorgeous panoramic views (and the game has amazing comic book style art), not all the locals are on friendly terms.

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Werewolves in the Ruff House Vegan Bar are a surprisingly excitable and friendly pack to most folk, but they’re distrusting anything they can’t smell means they act aggressively to ghosts. In true hipster fashion, Vampires queueing for coffee at the Cremetary show disdain for pretty much any non-vampire, and zombies… well, just try talking to them!

Hint: Speaking to a character may elicit a very different response depending on the type of creature you are inhabiting.

Ulterior Motives

You’ve followed the hint & tips above and things are looking good for Francis as you talk and possess the locals, collect and combine lyrics, listen to musical clues, and like all great songwriters; steal things from other songs.

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But as you jump from one monster to the next, familiar sounds and faces start to show up. Your old bandmates, The Deadbeats featuring Fangs, Shaggy, Spectre, and Ada Z have returned as the undead

Hint: It’s time to get the band back together!

Let us know if these hints & tips worked for you, and if you have any more questions, we’re here to help on Twitter and Facebook. Pick up Wailing Heights today on Xbox One.