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Announcing the Delve Challenge League for Path of Exile on Xbox One

Our upcoming challenge league, Delve, introduces Path of Exile‘s first infinite dungeon! You’ll delve deep into the Azurite Mine and work your way through its sprawling passageways while keeping an oppressive darkness at bay. The Grinding Gear Games team designed this league as our take on the infinite dungeon paradigm that classic ARPGs are known for.

With the introduction of the Delve League, we wanted to create a new game mechanic for players to test themselves against while also bringing in elements of old favorites – like the rush of our highly popular Breach League. In the mine, the darkness will kill you quickly and you’ll need to stay near the Crawler, a traveling light source that escorts you through the mine’s depths, while you fend off swathes of monsters swarming in from the dark.

Path of Exile: Delve Screenshot

You’ll gather Voltaxic Sulphite from the surface in order to fuel your expedition with the Crawler. As you complete Delves you’ll also acquire Azurite that will help you enhance your mining equipment and safely spend more time in the mine. Flares and Dynamite will allow you to explore beyond the light of the Crawler and venture off into the darkest reaches for even more rewards.

With any league development, our team likes to explore new ways to tinker with our crafting system. Looting, upgrading, and creating items is the lifeblood of Path of Exile and we’re always keen to see just how far we can push the customization of this system. In the Delve League, we’re doing this by introducing socketable currency item that you can place fossils inside of which allow you to increase your chances of specific favorable crafting outcomes.

Path of Exile: Delve Screenshot

As always in Path of Exile, you can compete against your fellow Exile to see who can reach the darkest depths of the mine and highest levels of experience. You can explore all of the content alone or with a group of friends for free! As you complete challenges, you’ll be able to pick up exclusive cosmetic rewards to proudly display to your friends (and enemies!).

Our expansions wouldn’t be complete without new skills and unique items, which is why we’re introducing ten new and reworked skills, and 18 unique items! Path of Exile: Delve is now available on Xbox One. The Grinding Gear Games team invites you to join us and push yourself to depths and difficulty previously unknown in Path of Exile.

See you there, Exile!