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10 Reasons You’ll Love The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack on Xbox One

Getting together with friends is great. Fun, laughs, making memories. All that mushy stuff. But what about your Sims? Don’t you think they want to take their friendly hangouts to the next level? Well, you’re about to find out with The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack. Get ready for clubs, a new world, and so much more, all coming to Xbox One today!

We hope you’ll like this pack for many reasons, but let’s start with 10 of them.

1. They’re He-eere!
One of the most robust features of this pack is Clubs. It’s a huge part of how Sims can socialize, and, best of all, you control how the Clubs happen! The first thing you’ll want to do is name your Club. You could go with something generic or get crazy and think of something outrageous. Then pick a logo – like a fork and knife for a foodie Club – or anything that represents your exclusive crew. Wow, so VIP of you.

2. Club Requirements Are A Thing
Your Club can be open to anyone and everyone, or it can be a bit more exclusive. You decide what sorts of people are allowed in by choosing Age Groups, Skill Levels, and Traits that your Club members are required to have. Maybe hot-headed Sims need not apply, or ambitious Sims are perfect for your squad.

3. Club Activities – Also A Thing
You can encourage Club members to participate in over one hundred activities when they’re in a Club Gathering. They can Cook, Swim, Tell Jokes, and (a whole lot) more. Your Club can have five Encouraged Activities, which creates a ton of possibilities, and you can take them to a deeper level by deciding who your Members will do activities with. Your Club members might love swimming, but maybe they won’t swim with members of another specific Club. Or maybe they flat-out can’t talk to specific members of other Clubs. Break the rules, and your Sim might get kicked out of the Club.

4. Clubs Can Be Pure Dramaaa

This brings us to all the mayhem you can stir up for your Sims. There are plenty of ways to create mischief, like targeting a seemingly-innocent Club (like the food-obsessed Upper Crusts), creating a new one, and setting their Club Activities to troll and torment the other. Of course, being a nice club member is great and all, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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5. Windenburg‘s Creepy History

You didn’t think a new world would come without ghost stories, did you? If your Sims visit the Von Haunt Estate, they’ll learn about the old couple who died within the hedge maze. Wait, is that them floating around the property? It just might be. Muahahaha.

6. The Community Pool is Definitely Cool
Okay, so Windenburg isn’t all creepy. The Pool Venue type is already awesome, but we added a bunch of community and natural pool decorations that will impress any pool-goer. Think lanes, trims, and a handful of different pool water colors so you can personalize it to your style. And with the Jumping Platform, Sims will get the height they need to impress their friends with a flawless backflip or endure a humiliating belly flop. Whoops.

7. The DJ Skill. Need We Say More?
Ok, yes, allow us to explain. The DJ Skill starts off with Sims learning the basics of pumping up the crowd. And the more your Sim gets the party going, the better they’ll get. From making mixtapes to feeling the crowd with the, um, Feel the Crowd ability, the DJ Skill is an absolute must-have for any Sim who wants to rule the night. Plus, once your DJ has added the Teleplosion to their DJ Booth, they can take over TVs in the room for the ultimate performance. It’s positively electrifying!

8. Party in the Ruins
While we’re on the subject of parties, allow us to suggest the Ancient Ruins of Windenburg. By day, locals can enjoy and explore this archeological delight. But by night, the towering walls are the perfect backdrop for a decked-out DJ booth. Have we mentioned the laser beams? You’re welcome.

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9. The Closet = Fashion Game Upgrade

Tired of your neighbors showing you no fierceness in the fashion department? Well, not everyone can have your chic sense of style. But wait, there’s now a solution for that! Buy one of the new walk-in Closets, invite the neighbors over, and dress them anew. Fashion faux pas, be gone.

10. Knight Suits. That’s it. Just Knight Suits.

Goofy costumes are on deck in this sometimes-silly pack. Adorn your favorite party animal with a suit of armor, and your Sim can clank around town incognito. Or, grab a pub refreshment at Knight Night with a group of other dressed-up goofballs.

So, are you in? The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack is available now on the Microsoft Store. For all of the latest news on The Sims 4 for Xbox One, keep it tuned here to Xbox Wire.