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Investigate the Layers of Fear and >observer_ Connections

As you walk through the hallways of the mansion in Layers of Fear, there are thousands of subtle details that you can miss. Everything about the hallway is meticulously designed to push you forward, but if you stray from the beaten path, you’ll be rewarded with many surprises. With >observer_, the hallways of the apartment complex offer similar rewards.

There’s a natural link between the format of the hallways in both games. Each leads you forward, maybe even pushes you with fear toward your final destination. But, not all doors are locked, not all quests are clearly mapped out, and not all secrets are easy to find.

We like to leave breadcrumbs for our fans though, so here are a few connections that you should investigate further.

  • The Doll Room: Something sinister lurks beneath the eyes of a doll, yet we leave our children to play with them, ignoring this sense of uneasiness that resonates within their stares. If you look, you’ll find this room appears in both Layers of Fear and >observer_. The real question isn’t where though; it’s why.

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  • The Basement: In Layers of Fear the basement is locked, save 30 days a year. When Hallow’s Eve approaches, the door unlocks. Allowing you to speak with the spirits within. In >observer_ a horrid beast lurks beneath the floors. Some things, you just don’t speak about.

Layers of Fear - Observer Bundle Screenshot

  • Failed Fathers: Both games feature father’s striving for greatness and failing. In the wake of their dysfunctional lives, they’ve become disappointing dads. Is it fate that leads these tragedies?

Layers of Fear - Observer Bundle Screenshot

  • >observer_ Pre-production Teaser: In the Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC, if you search hard enough, you might stumble upon a newspaper clipping that offers a small hint at what was the next project to come from Bloober Team.

Investigate the connections now with the Layers of Fear + >observer_ bundle on Xbox One.