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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Devs Share Their Favorite Skills

I’m obsessed with skill trees. While playing Assassin’s Creed Origins, I agonized over every point I had to spend – do I invest in my bow skills (yes!), extra health (essential!), the one where you freeze in the air if you draw your bow while diving (Bayek 360 no scope, come on!)

So when I was told that it’s impossible to unlock the entire skill tree for Assassins’ Creed Odyssey in a single playthrough, I figured I’d let the creators of the game help me decide. Here are Game Director Scott Phillips and Narrative Director Mel MacCoubrey’s favorite skills, which you may wanna have your Alexios or Kassandra master immediately:

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Skill Tree

Sparta Kick Sparta Kick – “Obviously sparta kick is the first thing that everyone is going to buy. It’s a super versatile attack. It’s good for getting some distance. It’s also just super rewarding, the feel of doing a sparta kick to someone, especially when you sparta kick them off a cliff – it’s unrivaled. That was the very first skill we put in 3 years ago, and it’s still one of the most popular on the entire team” -Phillips


Shield Breaker Shield Breaker – “I really love the shield break technique, where you grab someone’s shield and smack them in the face with it. It’s a really satisfying feeling” – MacCoubrey


Rush Assassination Rush Assassination – “You can chain assassinate multiple people so it really opens up how you look at a setup. In the past you would’ve had a double assassinate if you had two guys were standing right next to each other, you could get ’em both. The problem we always found was getting that situation to occur was rare, so Rush Assassination lets you do that anytime, anywhere.” – Phillips

“Rush Assassination is really cool because as you level it up you can chain it, so it’s just really cool to see that happen” – MacCoubrey


Devastating Shot + Ghost Arrows of Artemis – “It’s a ranged attack that just does a whole lot more damage, so it makes your headshots really, really powerful. This is sort’ve a combo: Ghost Arrows of Artemis –  that goes through geometry; walls and objects and other characters as well. So if you can get a headshot on multiple characters through a wall, it’s super, super rewarding. -Phillips


Beast Master – “Because of feelings and things, there’s a pet taming ability that I really love. You can come across different predators in the game and tame them and they can help you out in battles. It’s pretty cool if you wanna be friends with lions and bears… and lynxes – they had some pretty cool cats over there.”” – MacCoubrey


Ring of Chaos – “It’s an AOE (area of effect), as you upgrade it, when you get it to the final levels it can send enemies flying. So that’s another one where if you do it on the high mountaintops, you get 3 or 4 guys around you, do that you can send all of them off the cliff and kill all of them at the same time. It’s super rewarding and a lot of fun to get that in the right position, because it takes a lot of skill to get enemies into the right position and then unleash it” – Phillips


Hopefully this will help you allocate those first few abilities without hesitation. But if something further up the tree looks interesting there’s no harm in trying them out – if you want, you can reassign/respec them as you go. Have fun storming the Acropolis!