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No Man’s Sky Vehicle Update Now Live on Xbox One

Hello everyone!

Since No Man’s Sky Next launched on Xbox One, the positive response from the community has been overwhelmingly exciting. It has been a real inspiration to the team and fueled us to create a constant stream of hotfixes and new content releases over the last two months.

We’ve launched a regular series of new community missions, taking players deeper into Nada and Polo’s strange adventures aboard the Space Anomaly. A new mission takes place each week, uniting the community with a shared experience on a specific planet.

Taking part in the missions also gives the chance to unlock exciting new rewards – unique base building parts, customization options and more. New collectible rewards are being added to the game each week, so if you’ve missed out on these missions so far this is the perfect time to jump in.

This week’s update is the largest content drop yet, with a focus on Exocraft. We’ve added our first new vehicle since the Pathfinder update: the Pilgrim. A powerful futuristic motorbike allowing players to navigate alien planets at exciting speeds.

No Mans Sky Bike

We’ve also enhanced the existing Exocraft with lots of new upgrades and features, making them more essential for explorers across the universe. All vehicles can be raced, and tracks can be shared online. These races have also been improved and expanded, including online racing and streamlined race track building.

Other highlights since the release of No Man’s Sky: Next include:

  • Updates to the Galactic Atlas website, allowing the community to create, navigate and share their own points of interest, discoveries and community hubs all across the galaxy.
  • Terrain tessellation enabled on Xbox One X.
  • Added the ability to customize your player’s body shape.
  • Many new base building parts, customization options, decals and special emotes.
  • Quality of life improvements, including multiplayer permission settings, balance changes, streamlined inventory management, more Refiner recipes, and high-velocity Exosuit Rocket Boots.

Launching No Man’s Sky: Next was an incredibly exciting experience, and we feel so lucky to be able to continue to improve and expand No Man’s Sky alongside the community who play the game every day.

The team is now very much focussed on creating the next batch of new features. We will continue to support the game this way for the foreseeable future, with a blend of weekly missions, content drops, quality of life improvements, as well as bigger, bolder updates to come…