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Warface Now Available for Free on Xbox One

Great news! Warface is available for free on Xbox One! Gather your friends and set off together on exciting raids and PvE missions. Take the pedestal of honor in ranked matches and fight together in fast-paced PvP modes!

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Exclusively on Xbox

  • The Cyber Horde raid – In a Blackwood laboratory, where experiments were being performed on people, the test subjects got out of control, killing the guards and breaking free. At this moment, vast hordes of enemies have filled the entire region, and if they are not stopped, the consequences will be unpredictable. A great job for a Warface squad!
  • PvP Bag and Tag mode – Are you the lone wolf type? Then you’re sure to like this mode! Your task is not only to survive, but also to collect the enemy’s dog tags, which remain on the ground after they die. But be careful and keep your eyes open while you’re picking up your trophies: your dog tags are tasty prey for others.
  • PvP Maps – Apart from everything else, seven exclusive PvP maps await you. There’s lots of fun to be had in the new area! Team battles on a farm, a battle against everyone in an abandoned motel, disarming explosives on the edge of the city, capturing an important case from an enemy engineering facility and surviving on three maps that differ not only in their terrain but also the scenery and even time of day!

Varied PvP

A whole seven PvP modes and two dozen maps for any taste: from simple and fast-paced team battles to complex tactical tasks to capture rocket launch codes. Play with friends or on your own, survive, capture, defend, explode and destroy—there’s a mission to suit every taste!

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Exciting PvE

Want to go on a quick mission or a full-scale raid? The decision is yours! Dozens of exciting missions are available all over the world: an assault on the enemy head office in China, a special operation at the Pyramids of Giza, a dangerous assignment right in the heart of an active volcano, the destruction of a factory in Europe and a multitude of other exciting missions already await you in the game!

Pick up Warface for free today on Xbox One from the Microsoft Store and stay tuned to Xbox Wire for all of the latest news on this game and many others.