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Explore a Haunted Amusement Park in Roblox’s Hallow’s Eve Event on Xbox One

Roblox’s annual Hallow’s Eve event has officially begun on Xbox One. Play millions of free, user-created games today by downloading Roblox and start earning limited-time Halloween-themed rewards!

Discover What Lurks in Sinister Swamp

Underneath the ghostly glimmer of a full moon, the pale visage of a forgotten amusement park can be seen peeking out from behind a viscous fog. Luckily for you and your friends, you’ve all just been invited to take the ride of your lives. Don your scariest outfit and get ready to embark on a fantastic, yet frightening journey through the mysterious depths of Sinister Swamp.

Roblox Hallows Eve

The Hallow’s Eve event runs from Thursday, October 18 through Saturday, November 17. During this time, you can unlock exclusive rewards on Roblox by stepping through the portals to ten fan-favorite games found somewhere within the Sinister Swamp hub world. Each game has special Halloween content created by top developers in the Roblox community, so be sure to visit each one!

More Treats For You

If you’re still looking to get your spooky game fix, you can earn even more Hallow’s Eve loot by completing event-specific quests in these three bewitching experiences below:

Escape Room (created by DevUltra)

A ghastly series of strange secrets and mind-bending puzzles await in this heart-pounding, bone-chilling Roblox experience. Face your greatest fears and escape from the new Haunted House level.

Robloxian Highschool (created by RedMantaStudio/Robloxian High School Group)

Celebrate the Hallow’s Eve festivities with all your classmates down at Robloxian Highschool! Successfully navigate through the twists and turns of the Halloween maze to earn your prize.

Roblox Hallows Eve

Darkenmoor (created by Boid Studio)

Darkenmoor is a round-based, survival horror game where one player takes on the role of a powerful monster and seven others play as the humans. Will you be able to survive the new Horde mode?

Special Thanks

From the creepy décor in the haunted mansion to the spooky skeletons in the shadowy pirate cove, just who brought this ghoulishly delightful amusement park to life? We’ve enlisted a group of talented developers and creators from across the Roblox community, including Aotrou, Awes_3, Beeism, FutureWebsiteOwner, and TheShipArchitect, to carry out their ultimate Hallow’s Eve vision on Roblox. Players will get to experience a host of thrilling rides and startling attractions as they embark on an epic adventure through one of our most haunted amusement parks yet.

Roblox Hallows Eve

Admittance is free…it’s getting out that will cost you! Explore the murky waters of Sinister Swamp and start earning limited-time prizes now. For more exciting news about Roblox, stay tuned to Xbox Wire.