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Prepare to Die in Zombie Survival RPG Skyhill on Xbox One

Hey, Xbox community! It has been a long ride but I’m excited to announce that Skyhill is out now for Xbox One!

Skyhill is a zombie survival RPG in an apocalyptic setting. However, don’t think that it’s just another survival game! Skyhill mixes RPG, point & click, survival and rogue-like elements in an unusual game experience.

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This experience begins with Perry, the main protagonist of the game. He survived World War III because he resided in a penthouse suite during a bio-weapon attack. The destruction didn’t reach to the 100th floor. He also realized that the world began to change for the worse. When he nearly starved to death he went outside of his suite to witness the horror: mutants are lurking in his residing Skyhill hotel that try to rip him to shreds or eat him alive. However, Perry doesn’t have a choice, he has to fight his way through the 100 floors of the hotel to collect supplies and stay alive.

In this apocalyptic setting and desperate time, you have to try to scavenge for supplies and weapons for self-defense. When you come in contact with the mutants you will have to think carefully. In turn-based attacks, you have to choose between different regions of an enemy. However, you have to think strategically before you strike: if your chance is low to hit the monster, the more damage you could deal. So are you aiming for the head with a risk to miss the strike or will you punch the arms and won’t hurt the mutants as much with it?

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On your journey to the last floor, you’ll find multiple crafting recipes that I urge you to use. With these recipes and additional supplies, you can upgrade your kitchen for a more nutritious meal. Or you can upgrade the door of your suite to ensure that no mutant will lurk into your room while you’re sleeping. So keep in mind that you should backtrack from time to time to be prepared for the next floors ahead.

I promise you that you’ll die multiple times and if you want to increase the suspense just try out new difficulty modes. But, be aware that the floors of the hotel are randomly generated. This means that every game will be different and you will have to discover everything anew! This is the most challenging but also compelling part of Skyhill. I like the fact that every game is different and you’re rewarded in the end. You can unlock multiple endings and discover the secrets of the former residents of the hotel. After you die, you unlock new perks as well as stat boosts or fancy meals for your next survival attempt.

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Skyhill is a challenging game only those with patience and urge to explore will have the most fun with. So, please enjoy your stay in the Skyhill hotel!