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The Journey of Fighting Game My Hero One’s Justice

Hello everyone! Allow me to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on and how excited I am about My Hero One’s Justice. First of all, to work on a game based on possibly one of the world’s biggest anime in recent memory. I am tremendously honored to be given the opportunity and the pressure that comes along with it. To be honest, even though the development is basically finished (and the game is already out in Japan), we still feel that pressure—the pressure to provide the ultimate My Hero experience. However, with our team’s motivation and the hard work that we put into this game, I am especially looking forward to fans all over the world enjoying it—as much as the players have already here in Japan.

The series has always been dear to my heart ever since its first appearance in the Weekly Shonen JUMP magazine. I was very fascinated with how they portray the characters—whether focusing on the heroes or the villains. On top of that, as soon as I was drawn into the series, I was moved with how the story is full of passion and evolves over time. I realized that I also want other people to experience the same excitement and emotional attachment that I have towards this work—but this time through a game format. My team and I want people to dive into the world of the hit anime series, see the world in the shoes of both heroes and villains, and fight for the justice of whichever side you choose.

My Hero One’s Justice

And that’s when we, fortunately, ran into Byking, a developer that is impeccable in creating battle action games. With this opportunity, I was sure that we would realize the vision that me and my team had on creating this game, thus we immediately started the development from the get-go.

For those who know, the game is built off a one-of-a-kind series, filled with unique qualities all over the place. To make it true to the series, it’s important for the game to stay true to the original works. The aspect that we are particularly being careful of is the representation of the characters’ quirks in battles. We are doing our best to implement all the quirks along with necessary backstory, so the users can experience its uniqueness using their own hands. In every attempt of the quirk implementation, we then always try to simulate them in battles. After seeing the outcome, we start to balance both the quirks’ effect and its’ visualization.

My Hero One’s Justice

Let’s take Toga for example. Her quirk enables her to transform herself into her opponent. However, if we make her also be able to copy the opponent’s quirk/special move, it would disrupt the balance of the game. So, what we did was make the transformation have a deceiving function—turning the opponent’s sidekicks on their own teammate. Since that element of her quirk was also portrayed in the original works, when I played the game using Toga, I really felt the distinctiveness of her one-of-a-kind quirk!

This also occurs to other characters, as we realized after the balancing that each character’s quirk became prominent in the game. Once you’re able to master all characters, you will notice the details that we concentrated on when creating this game. Hopefully, we created various types of excitement that users can enjoy.

My Hero One’s Justice

In terms of story, it’s not all about the heroes. It’s also about the villains. Therefore, for the fans to know what it’s like to be the bad guy in the series, we also provided the “Villain Side” in the story mode of the game. We hope with this inclusion players can grasp the whole experience from both sides.

To wrap it up, My Hero One’s Justice is a game that we believe fans will enjoy. You can see the growth of Deku, Shigaraki, and other characters—and most importantly feel the ultimate battle of quirks, only available in this game. For those who are unfamiliar with the series, this game could also be a good start for you to get to know what this work provides—while enjoying crazy battles along the way.

I am really looking forward to fans all over the world playing this game, and I will be waiting for you and your quirks so that we can have a showdown in the game’s online mode! Let’s meet up online and remember – fight for justice!