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Want to Play Battlefield V Early on Xbox One? Here’s How

Launch day is getting closer and closer, but for some, November 20 probably still seems like a lifetime away. If you can’t wait to get boots on the ground and join the battle on Xbox One, we’ve got great news for you – there’s still plenty of time to get in on all the action early. That’s right, you can still be one of the very first players to scout the new maps, get your hands on the latest weapons, and master the vehicles of Battlefield V.

There’s a lot of information out there about just when (and how) to play early, so we’re going to summarize your options below. We’ll give you all the information you need to join the front lines exactly when you want to.

Battlefield V Deployment Dates

November 9 November 15 November 20
EA Access Play First Trial Deluxe Edition Launch Standard Edition Launch

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EA Access: Play First Trial Starting November 9

What it is: EA Access is the video game subscription service that lets you play EA’s best games on Xbox One as much as you want.

When you can play: Members get a 10-hour trial starting November 9.

What content is available: Every multiplayer map and mode available at launch will be included, and you’ve got 10 hours to explore them all. Single-player fans will get a chance to play through the Under No Flag War Story and Prologue.

What else you get: As an EA Access member, you also get unlimited access to over 50 games from series like Titanfall, FIFA, and more. Join now, and you can fill every day with games. Save 10% on all your EA digital Xbox One purchases, including Battlefield V. And your progress carries over if you decide to buy.

Find out more about EA Access here

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Pre-order Battlefield V Deluxe Edition and Play November 15

What it is: The Battlefield V Deluxe Edition on Xbox One.

When you can play: Deploy starting November 15 with the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition early enlister access.

What content is available: Everything included with Battlefield V at launch plus the Deluxe Edition extras.

What else you get:

  • Five Sets of Paratrooper Outfits plus a sixth Set with your pre-order
  • The chance to take on Special Assignments and Starter Assignments to test your skills and earn rewards
  • 20 weekly Airlifts with vital supplies and customization items
  • The Firestorm Ranger Set
  • Immediate access to five Battlefield 1 Weapons

Pre-order the Deluxe Edition here

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Play November 20 with the Battlefield V Standard Edition

You can also pre-order the Battlefield V Standard Edition if you don’t mind waiting until November 20 to play. While it won’t get you on the front lines earlier, pre-ordering does secure some great extras:

  • In-game benefits like soldier customization options
  • Access to Special Assignments starting day one
  • One of eight Paratrooper Outfit Sets
  • The Firestorm Ranger Set
  • Instant access to five Battlefield 1 Weapons

Pre-order the Standard Edition here

Remember, Battlefield V is still in development, and all game features may be subject to change. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for the latest news and information for all things Xbox.