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5 Tips to Becoming the Ultimate Racer in Grip: Combat Racing on Xbox One

We’re super stoked to be celebrating the release of Grip on Xbox One, available now in the Microsoft Store and for Xbox Game Pass members later today. For those of you who don’t know the game yet, it’s a hardcore combat racer harking back to the arcade games of the early 2000s – most importantly though, it’s fast… really fast… with cars reaching above and beyond the speed of sound!

Traveling at this sort of speed the race can be won or lost in an instant, you’ve gotta have all of your wits about you, making split-second decisions whilst reacting to the terrain and the other racers around you. To help with this we’ve prepared our top 5 tips to help you reach the top in Grip!

Grip: Combat Racing

Happy Landings

We understand the temptation is real to keep your finger firmly on that accelerator but making that perfect landing can really make or break your race – tilt too far back and you might end up facing the wrong direction completely! Release the accelerator and your use the left stick to trigger air thrusters on your vehicle and make a smooth landing.

Grip: Combat Racing

Don’t Forget to Boost

No rocket-powered vehicle would be complete without auxiliary thrusters. These give you a real edge in the moments you need a little extra. Hold the Y button to consume the boost bar around your speedo – it doesn’t quite pack the same punch as the Firestorm pickup, but a well-timed boost can put distance between you and your opponents, help you across a perilous jump or help you make a daring overtake.

Grip: Combat Racing

Drift Your Way Around Corners

Don’t forget there’s a brake, especially when keeping to the inside of corners – drift it. Tap the handbrake (X) when cornering hard to initiate a drift and tighten your turning circle.  Taking that inside line can also grant access to some tightly placed speed pads, increasing your speed coming out of the corner.

Grip: Combat Racing

Hold A to Launch

One of the biggest challenges with Grip is to understand the vertical environment through which you race – taking into account what’s on the ceiling above you as well as the floor below you can really give you the edge in a race. See that boost pad above your head? Hold and release the A button to launch your vehicle up, gain that boost and the advantage over other racers! You can also use the launch function to return your vehicle to the ground avoiding obstacles which are sure to ruin your fun.

Grip: Combat Racing

Know Your Arsenal

Grip has a great variety of pickups each with their own race-changing unique characteristics, knowing when and when not to unleash an Assassin missile can totally transform your race. Be wary of firing weapons on tight bends or in tunnels where they might be swept into the curving side wall. There’s a delicate balance between unleashing everything you’ve got and holding onto it for just the perfect moment. In addition to their standard mode, each power-up can also be super-charged. When holding two power-ups, press and hold the button for the power-up you want to super-charge (LB for the left slot, RB for the right,) and it will consume the other slot to create an ultimate attack – sometimes changing the weapon entirely.

We look forward to meeting you on the race track and don’t forget if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber you can play the game at no additional cost today!