Descenders Tricks Small Image

Descenders Update Adds New Trick System

Pip from publishing label No More Robots here! I’m wheelie excited (sorry) to bring you the latest update about Descenders that will see you pulling sicker runs than ever before – the Trick or Treat Update!

Made by Dutch team RageSquid, Descenders is a downhill mountain biking game that sees you bombing across five environments at high speed, from open fields to fiery crags. This new update will see you step up your game with a whole new trick system, as well as a replay feature to capture your best moments from their best angles.

The team has been listening to all your feedback, and one of the main things you’ve been screaming for is tricks – we’re talking nac nacs, no handers, and other iconic moves, all of which have been added to make your runs sicker than ever! Combined with a new bail system, this update will challenge even the best riders to get the best flow out of a run.

In addition to tricks, the update will bring you the replay mode – a way to save, replay and re-record levels you’ve played so you can capture them perfectly. Make amazing videos and show the world your skills, highlight that fantastic moment when you land a boss jump flawlessly or maybe teach a new player how to navigate a scary obstacle – with clever camera angles and replay modes, you can go as far as your creativity will take you. We can’t wait to see what you share!

As always, Descenders updates never come without cool loot for you to unlock and find. As well as shiny new bikes, clothes for your body, gear for your bike and a nice visual upgrade for crew members, the latest update sees a brand new bonus environment. You’ll have to hunt it out, but you’ll be glad you did when you find it! It’s possibly the best map yet, with plenty of features to keep each team happy and lots of room to try out all those new tricks! The new update is available now.