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Rock Band 4 Owners Can Play Rivals Expansion for Free Until November 14

If you consider yourself a fan of music, you owe it to yourself to check out Rock Band 4 this week. Starting at 11:00 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, November 6 and running to 8:59 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, November 14, everyone who owns RB4 will have a week of free access to the Rivals expansion.

That gives you access to Rockudrama, the hilarious campaign that sets you as the star of your very own live-action rock documentary, 44 free songs exclusive to the Rivals expansion, online Quickplay, and the eponymous Rivals mode, which is where the heart of the action is.

As an added bonus for Rock Band 4 players, we’ll run a special one-week challenge that showcases the spirit of Rivals and awards an exclusive track skin to everyone who participates.

Rock Band Rivals We Elect to Rock Challenge

For those of you who haven’t played in a while, or have been curious about the Rivals expansion, now’s a great time to check out all the cool stuff it adds to the Rock Band 4 experience!

If you are curious about Rivals mode; here’s a quick overview:

Crews: Rivals mode pits groups of up to 10 players against other Crews. A Crew’s collective contribution over the course of the weekly challenge will determine whether they are promoted or not.

Rewards: Rivals mode provides unique rewards to players based on where they finish the season – from wild character assets to exclusive track skin designs.

Challenges: Each week, the team at Harmonix sets up a unique weekly challenge that asks the Rock Band community to compete against each other using a subset of the Rock Band 4 music catalog. Think of it as a themed playlist – one week may focus on metal songs, while another week may focus on easy songs, or songs with the word rock in them.

Seasons: Challenges are grouped into a Season. Seasons generally last for 8 weeks. Over that time, Crews will be promoted to new tiers based on their play.  Each promotion tier offers an exclusive reward. Get as far as you can each season to collect everything!

Season 9 will start on November 29, right after Thanksgiving – get your Crew together now and join the fun!

Rock Band 4 Rivals Main Menu

Rock Band 4 owners can find the Rivals expansion by searching for it on the Microsoft Store and then downloading it to your home console to start playing.