Just Dance 2019 Demo Is Now Available For Xbox One

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Just Dance® 2019 Demo


Try the Just Dance 2019 Demo for free now and dance to "One Kiss" by Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa! Download the demo now and bust out your best moves! Just Dance 2019 will keep you dancing for hours with 40 hot new songs for the whole family to enjoy! With a one-month trial of Just Dance Unlimited included, dance to more than 400 songs! Your Just Dance experience is now personalized as the game learns your dancing habits and suggests content! Experience eight exclusive choreographies created with the help of kids’ development experts to encourage healthy movement. Featuring seasonal and special-event content for an even more dynamic experience on a new curated homepage. You can play the Just Dance 2019 Demo with just your smartphone! Simply download the free Just Dance Controller App to your smartphone to dance with up to 6 players!

Product Info:
Developer: Ubisoft Paris Studio
Publisher: Ubisoft
Website: Just Dance 2019
Twitter: @Ubisoft