Xbox Ideas

New Idea Drives Just for You: Designed for Xbox and PC Game Bar

Greetings, Xbox Insiders! We’ve just launched a new pair of idea drives and are looking for your participation and input to help Team Xbox. If this is your first time hearing about Xbox Ideas, then you should know that Idea Drives are focused on a specific area and contain three different phases (Collection, Voting and Results). The information we gather from Idea Drives is then shared with various teams across Xbox!

We’re very excited about these new Idea Drives and can’t wait to see what ideas you have brewing.

Designed for Xbox Collage

Designed for Xbox

From fight sticks to racing wheels, network adapters to headsets, there is a wide variety of accessories available for the Xbox One and Windows 10 devices, but is there something that you think is missing?  Some peripheral that you think would make your gaming experience that much better? Here’s your chance to contribute and let Team Xbox know what’s missing, what you would like to see, and perhaps even a brand or manufacturer you’d like to see partner with Team Xbox on creating licensed hardware.

Some of the user suggestions so far include:


PC Gamebar

PC Game Bar

Do you like to record your gameplay on Windows 10 and share it with your friends? How about creating highlight reels or compilation videos?  What kind of features would you like easy access to while playing a game? Team Xbox is looking for your contributions on how you would like to use Game Bar in Windows 10 right before, during, and after finishing a gaming session.

Take some time to explore the current Game Bar by pressing Win + G while playing a game on PC, then swing by the Idea Drive with your thoughts and feedback. A few examples of existing user ideas include: