Star Wars Battlefront II - Clone Wars Small Image

Fight as Obi-Wan Kenobi on Geonosis in Star Wars Battlefront II on November 28

The Battle of Geonosis update, free to all owners of Star Wars Battlefront II, goes live on November 28, deploying players into a large-scale skirmish set during the Clone Wars. The update is headlined by the arrival of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and the introduction of the all-new location Geonosis.

A composed, defensive combatant, and a master of the Force, Obi-Wan is bringing some of his most renowned guiles to the wastelands of Geonosis. The Geonosian homeworld is providing a large-scale Galactic Assault experience, with intense combat through its canyons and open, rugged fields – hit by violent dust storms as the combat progresses.

Also coming with the update is the six-legged AT-TE battle tank, the biggest, fully player-controllable vehicle in Star Wars Battlefront II to date!

The BARC speeder and the STAP, plus the unlockable Shattered Armor for General Grievous, Obi-Wan’s Robed appearance, and the 212th Attack Battalion clone trooper skins are coming as well.

With lots of new and exciting Clone Wars content to play, November 28 is the perfect time to join – or to get back on – the battlefront!