Train Sim World - Long Island Rail Road

24/7 Railroading on the Long Island Rail Road on Xbox One

Stretching east from New York City is sprawling Long Island, home to busy commuters who make their way to and from “the Big Apple” every day. Long Island is packed with energy, attitude – and the hustle and bustle of people always on the move…

The legendary Long Island Rail Road – the “LIRR” – is how hundreds of thousands of commuters journey to and from New York City every workday, and soon you can experience the excitement and challenges of America’s busiest commuter railroad with Train Sim World’s new Long Island Rail Road route!

Train Sim World - Long Island Rail Road

The Long Island Rail Road serves three major New York City stations, including Manhattan’s famed Penn Station, and operates more than 700 trains each weekday, which means you’ll be immersed in a whirlwind of railroading. The Train Sim World LIRR route extends from New York City east to Hicksville, New York with 26 commuter stations to serve on the LIRR main line, plus the railroad’s Atlantic, Hempstead, Long Island City, and Belmont Park lines. You’ll call at the likes of Penn Station and Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal – and you’ll navigate through renowned Jamaica station and junction, one of the most complex and busiest railroad locations in the entire world.

As an engineer on the Train Sim World Long Island Rail Road, you’ll climb aboard and take the controls of the LIRR’s modern “M7” electric-multiple unit trains, which receive power from a 750-volt “third rail” and speed through the urban hubbub of Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island at up to 80 mph. Built by Bombardier, the stylish, stainless-steel LIRR M7s, which number more than 800 units, are the workhorses of the LIRR and in consists stretching up to 12 cars can carry more than 1,000 passengers per train.

Train Sim World - Long Island Rail Road

Just like the real thing, Train Sim World’s LIRR M7 electric features advanced operating controls, in-cab signal and safety systems, door control systems, detailed passenger compartments, and authentic sounds. Driving tutorials, challenging scenarios, and a variety of scheduled services accompany the M7, providing endless fresh experiences across the seasons and around the clock as you hustle to keep on schedule along the remarkably detailed and realistic Train Sim World route.

New York City is known as the “City that Never Sleeps,” and so it is with the fabled Long Island Rail Road, which operates 24/7. Train Sim World’s Long Island Rail Road route for Xbox One will bring you all the vibrant hustle and bustle of contemporary American commuter railroading at its exhilarating best!

Train Sim World: Long Island Rail Road is available now on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store for $29.99.