My Little Riding Champion Is Now Available For Xbox One

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My Little Riding Champion

Bigben Interactive

$19.99 $3.99
Xbox One X Enhanced
Your horse. Your passion. Get ready to fulfil your dreams at a gallop. The village's riding club needs you to win the next major competitions. Choose your favourite horse, train it and win medals for your club! Create a bond by going out riding in the countryside and taking care of it. Together you will set out on a large number of missions and earn new outfits and equipment for both of you. -Lots of different horses to choose from -Real horse care and upkeep, and a real emotional bond -A large number of customisation options -An open world to explore with lots of long rides -Over 15 hours of gameplay with intense training, missions and rides -Many different types of competitions and rewards

Product Info:
Developer: N/A
Publisher: Bigben Interactive 
Website: My Little Riding Champion
Twitter: @bigbeninteract