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High Fantasy RPG Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms Coming Soon to Xbox One

It’s been a while since our last post on Xbox Wire. Last time we were here, it was to announce the release of Unit 4, our first award-winning Xbox One title. Two years (and a bunch of games) later we are back in action to share with you that our flagship project, Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms, is on its way to Xbox One in 2019. Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms is an RPG set in a vibrant fantasy world and we love to pitch the game as the very first isometric souls-like game currently in development. We are trying to stay between classic and modern action RPG, offering a fast-paced gameplay and a deep narrative, in a gritty, dark, mature environment filled with blood and magic!

When it is about visuals, you can easily think about games from the ‘90s (Infinity Engine anyone?): isometric view, gorgeous hand-painted, pre-rendered environments and so on. But when it is about combat, everything changes because there is no tactical pause: you must be good with your gamepad to kill your enemies. That’s the meaning of “in-between classic and modern.” You’ll have the chance to plan your strategy of course, but you can do it only in safe areas such as taverns or around a bonfire, with the help of 12 unique companions from 4 different kingdoms, banding together (or not) to prevent the return of Alaloth, the bad boy challenging the gods and willing to wipe out the world.


High fantasy at its best is what we’re working on: you can find a bit of “The Lord of The Rings,” Dungeons & Dragons, “Willow,” “Game of Thrones,” etc. in a living world divided in four huge kingdoms, facing an ancient evil and sending warriors on the hunt for a sacred artifact to avoid the end of the world.

You’re playing the role of a champion of your race, fighting against other champions, bandits, terrifying horrors from the void where Alaloth lies and The Spectral Circle. This cult believes Alaloth’s coming is inevitable, and even though he brings ruin to the world, he will spare his followers, but he will know them only by the betrayals they have committed, and through committing treacherous acts they seek to achieve grace in his eyes. Thus, his adherents are especially eager to commit acts of treason, the greater, the better.


The Circle has no one great voice or leader but others have speculated that the Ring’s own philosophy prevents leaders within their own ranks, either due to ability or because they know that assuming the mantle would mark them for a traitor’s blade within their own ranks. It had made them a hollow, vicious, and empty religion, though dangerous. Alaloth cares nothing for them but grants small boons and favors to them to fuel their hunger for power and recognition.

We have tons of quests, both random generated and hand-tailored, a huge game map where you can move wherever you want, and 40+ houses and clans to fight for, with the chance to start your own legacy with your own banner and motto once you’ve completed the game. The idea is to give you the chance of playing the game as you want. Willing to play Alaloth as an old-school RPG? Deep lore, unique characters, and stories await. Willing to play Alaloth as a pure action? An army of monsters, deadly creatures, and a world full of dangers could hide the artifact you need to be the champion of all champions — and only one can enter The Fifth Kingdom where true evil lies — collecting 4 pieces of an artifact, all over the kingdom.


Combat is central to the Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms experience, and you need to master a variety of fighting styles to survive. While all champions share some common combos, there is the chance to choose specialized paths: the Way of Arms, the Way of Nature, the Way of Gods, which allow to spec characters to specific classes with unique abilities from 9 different professions with hundreds of combinations.

Once combat is triggered there is no retreat, so it’s about winning or die trying. The idea is to go on with a very hardcore system that has to be mastered to enjoy each run at its best, especially because it won’t be possible to carry on dozens of weapons and armors and managing weight and equipment will be crucial (no access at all to the inventory during fights).


Well, there is a lot more on the way and we love chatting with you all, so please check us out on our Discord channel right now! Big news by the end of the year! You can find us even on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on our official website!