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Free Content Available Now on Battlefield V

Editor’s Note (12/7): We have updated this post to include the availability status for Battlefield V: Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture here on Xbox Wire. This update is now live and available to all current owners of Battlefield V on Xbox One.. 

Battlefield V launched November 20 on Xbox One with eight unique maps, eight intense modes, a variety of weapons, vehicles, and munitions. But there’s so much more coming in the Tides of War, the game’s ongoing live service available free to all players.

Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture is available now and we’re here to take you through the evolving gameplay, new experiences, expanding world, and game improvements you can expect when you join the ranks.

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T is for Tanks (and Lots of Them)

If you like major destruction and big booms, you’re going to love Panzerstorm. This massive new map, set in Belgium in 1940, is a tank paradise. Up to 17 of these war machines (and three more Reinforcements) are available to chew up the scenery, but there’s still plenty for Infantry to do. With the right Fortifications, and access to plentiful trenches, soldiers on foot can lend a hand. And, of course, destruction can rain down from on high with the right air support. Take a tour of this chaotic map but be sure to keep your head down.

The single-player War Story added with Chapter 1, “The Last Tiger,” gives players a different perspective on the war. Join the crew of a Tiger I tank fighting a massive Allied onslaught and their own doubts about the ideology that led them to their now inevitable defeat. The odds are against you, but the keys to survival in this War Story are to stay in motion and repair your tank whenever possible.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

There’s a lot to learn in a game like Battlefield V, for new players and veterans alike. If you’d like to get to know the weapons and vehicles available on the front lines without dodging enemy bullets, you’re in luck. Head to the Practice Range unveiled in Chapter 1 for some quality time taking out targets or figuring out how to avoid driving off cliffs or flying into hillsides.

Once you’re ready to face the multiplayer maps, you can continue your learning curve and start earning Chapter Ranks and rewards with Chapter Events. Choose the in-game challenges you want to take on; each one will help you learn valuable skills you’ll need on the battlefield. The first is called Attrition and Fortifications and, if completed, you’ll unlock your very own VGO medium machine gun.

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What kinds of challenges will you need to complete? Things like using Bandages 10 times to restore your health in combat, keeping your teammates well supplied with ammo, building or destroying Fortifications, and more. There’s even a challenge to build a snowman. Ok, so maybe that’s not the most important fighting skill you can learn, but it will get you one step closer to your VGO.

What else can you earn? Soldier outfits, weapon skins, Dog Tags, and more. Oh, and did we mention XP? You can earn that too.

Looking Good

One more thing we’ve added to Chapter 1 is the ability to customize the look of the vehicles in your Company (your personalized collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles). Vehicle customizations won’t change how your fighter flies or tank runs, they’re strictly cosmetic. But when it comes to making an impression on the battlefield, the right tank skin or plane nose art can go a long way.

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There’s a lot to do and learn in Tides of War Chapter 1, but it’s only the beginning of your Battlefield V journey. Check back for more information and updates. We’ll see you on the battlefield.

Battlefield V is now available on Xbox One in both a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition. EA Access subscribers can start playing a 10-hour Battlefield V trial immediately. For all the latest Battlefield V news on Xbox One, keep it tuned here to Xbox Wire.