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Embrace the Power of the Posterior in Brief Battles

Get ready to fight your friends in underwear-fueled battles on Xbox One in our upcoming butt-em-up party game, Brief Battles! If you’ve heard of Brief Battles before, that might be because it was announced for Xbox One just over a year ago, with plans to have our cheeky party game out in the wild around about now. Instead, we let this undies-laden game brew a little longer for the better!

New to the title? Here are the bare basics to get you acquainted: Brief Battles is a party game with a cheeky twist: It’s all about the undies. Pick an Underwearrior and slam into hilarious battles with nothing but your buns to squish anyone in your sights. Grab super-powered undies to gain an undies-fueled edge over your friends, as you battle to prove who’s got the mightiest buns.

Brief Battles

Since the OG announcement, we’ve received phenomenal community support and feedback. Late last year we launched a successful Kickstarter, followed by a closed beta on PC to build a community, which brought the game to a whole new level.

Earlier this year Xbox invited us to showcase with them in the ID@Xbox lobby bar at GDC. It was a surreal experience and I was lucky enough to meet and receive hands-on feedback from couch gaming greats, including developers behind Ultimate Chicken Horse and Toto Temple Deluxe.

To top it off, this year we received an Unreal Dev Grant from Epic Games to help bring out the very best in our butt-em-up. With all this fantastic support and feedback we’ve explored new and improved art techniques, created a heap of additional content, added polish galore, and made the game far more accessible.

Now, after a few quiet months of development, we’re ready to get back on the radar, as we wrap up final content and prepare for release in Q2 2019.

Brief Battles

So, what can you expect when Brief Battles butt-slams onto Xbox One?

Multiplayer, Co-op, and Solo Game Modes Aplenty

Brief Battles has a mix of battle and underwear themed party modes where you can invite up to three friends, foes, or family to play at your next couch gaming night! It’s also jam-packed with solo challenges to unlock Underwearrior skins and hunt down achievements. If you’d prefer battling with a friend, rather than against them, you can take back arenas from hordes of beasties and bosses in co-op mode Butt-em Battles.

50 Arenas

We love a good couch party game, but we’d hate to run out of new couch game content in our favorite games. To keep each session different in Brief Battles, we’ve created 50 unique and treacherous arenas across five regions, each filled with interactive elements and hazards. As you play more, the game introduces arenas that require more skill to navigate, adding new challenges to each battle.

If challenging arenas aren’t your thing, you can turn them off in settings and still have a heap of arenas to work with!

Brief Battles

Nimble Underwearriors & Super-Powered Undies

You can play as one of six cute, plump, jiggly Underwearriors who use their sticky nubs and surprising agility to leap around arenas. Underwearriors all start out with equal abilities. True power is harnessed from the underpants you collect in game, of course.

Presents are littered throughout arenas, packed with random pairs of snug underpants like toxic tighty-whities, flaming hot pants and buns of steel.

Brief Battles

We’re thrilled to be bringing Brief Battles to Xbox One and we hope you keep your peepers peeled for a release date announcement next year.

May your butt reign supreme.